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Retirement, Investment, And Global Nomad Lifestyles

It’s nearly midsummer here in London (not that you’d know it from the weather!), and we’re gearing up for the school holidays and hordes of tourists.

In the meantime, of course, we have our usual selection of expat-related news, views and tips for you to enjoy.

Are you an international investor? Tom Zachystal has some advice on important issues you should consider.Our columnists have been busy this month: Toni Hargis writes about how to be a good houseguest; Meredith shares some affordable ways to travel around Germany; and Kathleen Peddicord talks about retiring abroad.

It’s easy to talk about expat life as if it’s always a straightforward choice; or a choice at all. Refuweegee, a Glaswegian community initiative set up by Selina Hales, is working to welcome refugees to the city – because we’re all from somewhere, and not all expats move abroad by choice.

The rise of the “global nomad” style of expat life has been in the news a lot lately. Location independence is a dream for many; but is it irresponsible?

There are many factors to weigh up when moving abroad. Are you going for romance? Are you lying to yourself about your career? Are you thinking about retiring overseas? Click the links to see what our writers have to say on each subject.

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