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US Visas, Portuguese Tax Changes, And Living Off The Grid

Retiring from society is increasingly becoming an option for a lot of people, especially now that building your own home and living off the grid is cheaper and easier than ever before. This week, we caught up with Ian Usher, who has some tips for anyone who’s interested in this kind of sustainable lifestyle.

Retirement is one of the primary reasons why people move abroad, especially to warmer climates where the weather is forgiving and the culture is laid-back. If you’ve been thinking about going down this route, why not try retiring to Belize?If you’re not quite at the retirement stage yet but you’d still like to quit the drudgery of the 9-to-5, you could become an entrepreneur. Chile is growing in popularity among business owners in the tech sector – find out why.

Although it would be great to just move abroad without any paperwork or red tape attached, that is unfortunately an unrealistic dream. The more prepared you are, the easier it will be to make the move; so here’s what you need to do during your first month in Germany.

If you’re moving to the USA, recent changes to the H1 visa may affect you.

As usual, we caught up with a couple of expats to see how their lives abroad are going: Lara, a global nomad; and Yvonne, an American expat in Paris.

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