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Recommended Reading For Expats Moving To Australia

Australia has always attracted expats to its shores because of the high quality of life and lucrative opportunities. For those who’ve already made the decision to pack up and move down under, here is some recommended reading that will help you plan your stay and also prepare you for what’s in store.

Moving To Australia: A Guide For Expats, Lovers And the Otherwise Curious
by Andrea N Spirov

This book is written by someone who has actually been through the process of relocating. It therefore comes from first-hand experience. Spirov packs the pages with useful resources, advice and anecdotes.It works well for those who intend to simply have a working holiday in Australia as well as those who need to relocate for long-term work. It is also quite helpful for those who are relocating as a spouse, and the author talks about her own experience of applying for a partner visa as well as he journey to obtaining citizenship. There are details regarding the different types of Australian visas such as student visas, visas for those who have already found employment and skilled immigration visas. ‘Moving to Australia’ has received positive reviews from readers who are on their own Australian migration journey and many have found it to be quite comprehensive, as it ranges right from taking care of your current home finances to obtaining health cover, and also making new connections in Australia. For new arrivals that need help getting around and getting settled and also those who are just curious about Australia, this book is an ideal read.

Jump Down Under – True Stories of Relocating to Australia
by Iain Ayres

Jump Down Under tells you all you need to know about making the move to Australia, telling the family about the decision, how to get that all-important visa and settling into life down under. There is an emphasis on direct experiences of people instead of checklists. Folks who’ve relocated and adjusted to Australian life and culture, talk about what happened before their decision, before their departure, after their arrival and while they were going through the process of settling down. A great deal of practical information and vital advice is also included.

Didgeridoos and Didgeridon'ts: A Brit's Guide to Moving Your Life Down Under
by Vicky Gray

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Consisting of short personal experiences of the author and her family during their initial year of living in Australia, Didgeridoos and Didgeridon’ts is also a treasure trove of well-researched information, useful resources and helpful tips. It also has some of the author’s entertaining diary entries as well as inspirational accounts from other expats. Some of the topics covered by the book include the following;
– Getting into Australia
– Jobs that are currently in demand
– Australian banks and how they work
– Renting property
– Australia’s banking and healthcare system

Living & Working in Australia – A Survival Handbook
by David Hampshire

This has been a best-selling book about living and working in Australia right from 1998, when the first edition was published. It is now on its 8th edition, published in March 2013. Written by David Hampshire, an experienced travel writer who has spent considerable time living and working abroad, the book follows an entertaining, slightly humorous style. It is aimed at providing newcomers with all sorts of practical information in order to settle in and live a relatively trouble-free life. In this book you can find important details and insider tips about how to reduce culture shock and get over that initial bumpy period as soon as possible. It makes for entertaining and useful reading for anyone intending to spend an extended period of time in Australia.

Americans' Survival Guide to Australia and Australian-American Dictionary
by Rusty Geller

Described as the ‘Operator’s Manual for Australia’, this book comprises of basic key information that the author and his family picked up as they began living in Australia. It is an attempt to save you from making the ‘same embarrassing mistakes and asking the same dumb questions’ they did. Written in an easy and understandable style, the book stays away from a technical approach that other guidebooks seem to take. There’s also the added advantage of having a 1,500-word Australian-American dictionary, which will prove handy for tourists and expats alike.