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Austria – Five Recommended Expat Blogs

At Expat Focus, we like to be on the lookout for resources around the web that could help prospective expats adjust to their new countries. Today, we’re taking a look at Austria and some of the bloggers who write about living there.Comedic Grievances

A self-confessed caffeine addict and American expat in Vienna, Holly writes about learning Austrian-German, how to make Austrian food and the best places to relax in Austria’s capital city. Her ‘9 Ways to Live Differently in Vienna’ tips are definitely worth checking out, and the series of ‘The U.S. from an Austrian’s Perspective’ posts provide an interesting glimpse into what it’s like to visit an old home country once you’ve adjusted to life as an expat.

Merisi’s Vienna for Beginners

Another Vienna dweller, Merisi runs a photo blog offering ‘virtual postcards’ from Austria. The site gives a glimpse into the architecture and scenery of the capital, with a particularly beautiful example looking at the Vienna of 100 years ago and comparing it with today. Animal lovers should take a look at the ‘Viennese dogs’ section; and, of course, there’s a whole category devoted to coffee. Anyone who’s looking for an idea of what day-to-day life looks like in Vienna should take a look at Merisi’s blog.

Austrian Adaptation

A fun, sometimes irreverent blog with an excellent sense of humour, Austrian Adaptation discusses the good, the bad and the downright hilarious of expat life. From the sense of national pride when Conchita won Eurovision, to the confusion that ensues the first time you hear an Austrian-German idiom (“I think my pig is whistling!”), to the essential tips for surviving the Austrian winter, Carly’s blog will make you laugh and teach you about expat life along the way.

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Well That Was Different

Kelly Midura is an American Foreign Service spouse currently living in Austria. A refreshingly honest blog that isn’t afraid to discuss the difficult bits about living in a new country, the folk art of Innsbruck – including its many cowbells – and what it’s like raising children when you’re moving around the world. Recommended reading for anyone who wants an honest viewpoint about living in Austria, especially whilst raising a family.

Everyday Life In Vienna

Tina is from Norway, via New Zealand, and now living in Austria’s capital city. Her blog is a series of snapshots showing what life is like in Vienna, with recommended walks, city attractions and local curiosities. If you’ve recently moved to Austria and you’re looking for a local perspective on places to visit that aren’t tourist traps, then Tina’s blog is a great first stop.

Those are our recommended expat blogs for today. Do you write about being an expat? Let us know in the comments!