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Belgium - Recommended Social Media Accounts

Published Monday January 23, 2017 (17:47:07)

(c) Elke Wetzig

At Expat Focus, we like to be on the lookout for resources around the web that could help prospective expats adjust to their new countries. Today, we’re taking a look at Belgium and some of the social media accounts you should be following if you’re thinking of moving there.

Expat Club
Facebook Page

This thriving international community of more than 7,000 expats gathers on the Expat Club Brussels Facebook page, where members share and learn about Brussels and Belgium. With a regular schedule of 'real life' events for networking and meeting friendly new people, and informative posts on the timeline, this is one to watch for new and experienced expats alike.

Belgium for Expats
Facebook Page

Curated by Wendy, an expert Belgian expat, this is a treasure trove of personal recommendations, inspirational social media links and fun local events that will interest expats settling into Belgium. Showing that the country headquarters of the EU government body isn't just politics, chocolate and frites, this is a handy resource that is well worth following.

Brussels Expats
Facebook Page

As they put it themselves, this is an expat-orientated community page sharing news, reviews & recommendations on things to do in Brussels for expats & newcomers. With 24,000 followers, this is a lively forum with many networking events, beautiful images of the capital city, and a friendly demeanor.

Expats in Belgium
Facebook Page

The face of a rather boisterous Facebook group, the Expats in Belgium Facebook page is full of requests, recommendations, practical solutions and the occasional furniture sale item - passing the baton from old to new city occupant. Posts are often in English, but it also features French on occasion.

Expats! Moving to Belgium? Living in Belgium
Facebook Page

With a relatively intimate following, this page features advice based on living in Belgium. An excellent springboard for those looking to move to Belgium, the emphasis is on members interacting and sharing experiences. Participants love to ask questions, share like and dislikes, find events, and above all have fun.

Bright Expats Belgium
Facebook Page

Not only a Facebook community, but also housed in a Brussels physical location, the Bright Expats Belgium company assists expats in settling in with ease. Their online presence is a welcoming area for past and future expats to share their questions and knowledge - well worth looking at the advice offered when deciding on an inter-country move.

Brussels Expat Social Network
Facebook Page

Living up to their title, this group page is about excited nights, about the making of friends and about creating new stories to remember. Featuring funky events, development opportunities and handy tools for creating a life outside of the office, the Brussels Expat Social Network is super handy when settling into a new Belgian home.

I Love Brussels
Facebook Page

Really focusing on expats new to the Brussels way of life, 'I Love Brussels' expounds of the positives this city has to offer. With approximately 27 percent of the residents in Brussels not being native Belgian citizens, it's easy to see how helpful this Facebook page is - oh, and it has a bevy of non-partisan restaurant recommendations that will enable expats to feel like local residents in no time and fall head over heels in love with Brussels.

Facebook Page

Switching between English and French, this Facebook page offers the best of Brussels in one click - restaurants, bars, real-estate, culture and insider secrets that expats often miss out on in the beginning of their settling-in period. With everything from hairdresser recommendations (utterly essential) to great undiscovered neighbourhood theatres, this tri-lingual lifestyle site will remove the boredom of a brand new city.

Ex-pat Life In Belgium And Its Shenanigans
Facebook Page

Authored by an American expat, having lived in Brussels and now calling Bruges home, Irma knows what she is talking about. On her Facebook page she shares her love of music, art, food and all the interesting discoveries she has made in this country, as well as important new events that expats should be aware of. She simply wants to help expats from all walks of life in as many ways as she can.

We’re always on the lookout for more accounts to feature - if you write about living in Belgium on social media, leave us a link in the comments and we’ll take a look!

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