Self-Employment, Short-Term Rentals, And School In September

It’s nearly back to school time for many people! How are your kids coping with the transition? Rosemary Border Rabson talks about La RentrĂ©e in France.If you’ve recently moved to Kuwait with children, we have some suggestions for activities for them there.

If you’re not yet sure where to move next, here’s why you might want to consider Prague.

Living in Spain but wanting to quit the 9-to-5 and work from a laptop on the beach? Here’s how to become self-employed there.

Visas are confusing all around the world, but Australia’s system has 99 options, possibly making it one of the more complex out there! Take a look at our guide to Australian visas to help you out.

If you’re not yet sure if the expat life is for you, you might want to think about renting something short-term before you decide whether to settle in. Here’s how to do that in Singapore.

There are many different approaches to the expat life, but one of the most important decisions is whether you’re going to live in an expat community, or live like a local. Kathleen Peddicord shares three places where living like a local is a distinct possibility.

We also caught up with Annamarie, an American expat in the Dominican Republic, about her experiences of life there.

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