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Bulgaria – Property Building and Renovation

Planning Permission in Bulgaria

In Bulgaria, it is necessary to apply for planning permission to build or renovate a property. The procedure is as follows:

  • Obtain a project from an architect or engineer
  • Submit the project to the local municipality for approval
  • Once approved, obtain a building permit from the municipality

Listed Buildings, Conservation Areas, and Preservation Orders

If your property is listed or located within a conservation area or preservation order, there are additional rules and regulations to follow.

  • Listed buildings require approval from the Ministry of Culture for any alterations or renovations
  • Conservation areas and preservation orders may have restrictions on the type of changes that can be made to the property’s exterior

Finding Reliable Builders in Bulgaria

When looking for a builder in Bulgaria, it’s important to find someone reliable and trustworthy. One way to do this is to look for builders who belong to a professional organization.

  • The Bulgarian Construction Chamber is a professional organization that represents builders and contractors in Bulgaria. They can be contacted at office@bcc.bg or +359 2 932 09 60.

Permits and Licences

When building or renovating a property in Bulgaria, there are several permits and licenses you may need to obtain.

  • Building permit: Required for any new construction or major renovation
  • Electrical permit: Required for any electrical work
  • Plumbing permit: Required for any plumbing work

Finding a Local Architect in Bulgaria

If you need an architect to design your project, you can find one through the Bulgarian Architects’ Union.

Buying Land in Bulgaria

If you’re buying land in Bulgaria, there are a few common pitfalls to be aware of.

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  • Make sure you have planning permission before purchasing land
  • Check the boundaries of the land to ensure they match the land registry
  • Be aware of any environmental or conservation restrictions that may affect the land
  • Check for any outstanding taxes or debts on the land