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Make The Most Of Your Time In Argentina - 5 Things To Try Before Returning Home

Published Tuesday November 25, 2014 (04:27:28)


Argentina is a country with an interesting culture, attractive natural landscape and a rich cuisine. Apart from cultural activities and eating out, there’s also a thriving nightlife and abundant shopping opportunities. There are plenty of things to do and see in Argentina, but we've narrowed down the list to just 5 things you must try before returning home.

Visit Iguazú Falls

The spectacular Iguazú Falls is located in the province of Misiones, in the north easternmost part of Argentina. It stretches across the border into Brazil and while the Iguazú River runs much of its course in Brazil, the falls lie on the Argentinian side.

The sheer size of the Iguazú Falls is evident by the fact that it is four times as wide as the Niagara Falls of Canada. 275 individual cascades make up this magnificent waterfall. There are walking trails located throughout the Iguazú National Park’s rainforest where you can experience the gushing waters. Iguazú Falls can be reached from the Brazilian and Argentinian side of the border. Visitors can choose to stay in Puerto Iguazú, which is just 18 kilometres away from the Falls.

Feast on Argentinian steak

Argentinian steak is world-renowned and Argentinians are great meat lovers. They are also experts at preparing it and when in Argentina, you must visit a steakhouse or parrilla. Cities like Buenos Aires have plenty of steakhouses where you can sample vegetables dishes, bread, chicken, and of course steak. The country is the world’s second highest consumer of beef. The quality of the meat comes from the kind of diet and living conditions provided to the cattle. The South American cowboys or Gauchos were responsible for making the barbecue or asado a national dish. Asado is used to describe the barbeque cooking methods as well as the act of attending a barbecue. A traditional barbecue usually includes a selection of prime cuts served with salads and wine.

Stargazing and land sailing

The town of Barreal is located inside a picturesque valley in the San Juan desert. It is a little oasis town surrounded by lush poplar trees and clear rivers. This is a place that rarely has any cloud cover and is free from pollution, making it the perfect location for two astronomical observatories. Complejo Astronómico El Leoncito (CASLEO) is the larger observatory and it sits inside the El Leoncito National Park and provides guided tours, which also features a glimpse of the 40-ton telescope used by the scientists. Along with some incredible stargazing, nocturnal tours also include dinner at the common eating area in the observatory and on-site accommodation. Barreal is also the ideal location for the local sport of land sailing or carrovelismo, which is done on a small cart with an attached sail.

Step into a milonga

The term milonga is used to refer to a sort of dance event or party where the tango is danced. Milongueros are those who frequent such events. You can witness a milonga firsthand on any night in Buenos Aires. At a typical milonga, you will find people on the dance floor and also people sitting around the dance floor watching the dancers. It’s an ideal place for those who love the experience of tango, whether it’s the actual dance itself or the beautiful tango music. Milongas have their own unique etiquette. Men and women sit on either side and one must procure a dance partner in a subtle and polite way. Talk is not encouraged during the dance and dancers must not stop dancing during a song. Traditional milongas draw an older crowd, but there are many that welcome newbies too.

Shop at street fairs

Buenos Aires has many street fairs where you can find anything from cheeses to art. The Recoleta fair near the Recoleta Cemetery on Saturdays and Sundays is one of the largest fairs in the city. The San Telmo fair on Sunday is where you can find antiques and also take in some street performances. This fair is also famous for its tango performances that carry on well into the evening. The Cabildo Patio Feria near the Plaza de Mayo takes place on Thursdays and Fridays and features stalls selling local crafts, stained glass, pottery and jewelry.

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