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Why Moving To Canada Will (Probably) Make You Happier

There are many reasons why Canada is considered to be one of the most livable countries in the world. It is a place of great natural beauty with its spectacular glaciers, forests and lakes. The country is also a highly modern destination and its cities are cosmopolitan, clean and safe. If you’re among the many thinking about moving to Canada, here’s why it might just make you a happier person.

World-class cities

Canada’s cities are among the best in the world. Vancouver in the country’s most westerly province of British Columbia is set in the slopes of a mountain range and surrounded by water.It is also highly urban with a number of high-fashion boutiques and a culture of sophistication. Perhaps the best-known Canadian destination, Toronto, is the entire world in a single city with its many cultural pockets like Koreatown, Little India and Greektown. Montreal offers all the conveniences of a modern city, along with a taste of history due to its French heritage. The lifestyle is more relaxed and spontaneous here. For those craving for a slice of old world charm, Victoria is the place to live. This island destination has a rich architectural and culinary heritage. It also has the mildest climate in Canada. Calgary, in the province of Alberta, is an economic hub and houses many industries such as energy, transportation, technology and finance. It also gets more days of sunshine than any other Canadian city.

Affordable living

Cost of living can be huge strain in many countries. While Canada’s cost of living can be considered high, it is still relatively cheaper in comparison to other parts of the world. Many expats are willing to pay for this lifestyle because Canada does provide substantially support healthcare and education.

Natural wonders

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Land and water come together to create breathtaking natural wonders in Canada. The famous Niagara Falls at Ontario’s Niagara Parks gives you the chance to experience the power of the gushing waters up close. With 168,000 cubic meters of water flowing over the crest, it remains one of the most popular natural attractions in the world. You can also witness the stunning light show known as Aurora Borealis, which is actually a series of collisions between electrically charged particles and gases in the earth’s atmosphere. This show is best enjoyed in the Yukon, Nunavut and Northwest Territories. Natural history enthusiasts will love the Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta, which houses the fossil assemblage of nearly 40 species of dinosaurs. The Canadian Rockies are another site to elevate the body and mind, with their snow-capped mountains, lush wilderness and clear waters.

High quality schooling and education

There are many schools in Canada that provide high quality education of international standards. Schooling and education here is also very affordable. The Canadian government provides free public education from kindergarten till secondary school to all citizens and permanent residents.

Comprehensive healthcare

The healthcare system in Canada consists of provincial and territorial health insurance plans. The provinces and territories fund these plans through taxes. Expats can avail of public healthcare by applying for a public health insurance card from their provincial or territorial government. This healthcare is universal and therefore no citizen is left out of the system based on if they can afford to contribute. The standard of healthcare is high and the health outcomes for certain types of conditions like cardiovascular disease are better than in the United States. Another factor that makes the Canadian healthcare system work is that much of the funds are spent on healthcare provision and far less on healthcare administration.

Celebrations and festivals

There’s always an event or festival around the corner in Canada. The Celebration of Light festival, a yearly musical fireworks competition, is one of Vancouver’s biggest and most popular festivals. In Calgary, you have the annual Calgary Stampede, a rodeo, exhibition and festival. This is the world’s largest rodeo and a ten-day event that draws nearly a million visitors every year. Ottawa hosts the Canadian Tulip Festival in Many, which displays over a million tulips and also organizes music performances and showcases international cuisine. Canadians look forward to the Québec Winter Carnival, held in January and February. Visitors can partake in tons of fun activities like sleigh rides and snow sculpting.