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China’s postal service, officially known as China Post Group Corporation, is a state-owned enterprise that provides various postal and logistics services across the country. With over 80,000 post offices, it is one of the largest postal networks in the world, providing both domestic and international services. In this article, we will explore the postal service in China, including major service providers, speed, reliability, additional services, delivery coverage, address writing, and postcode lookup.

Major Service Providers

The China Post Group Corporation is the main postal service provider in China. It offers a wide range of postal services, including mailing, express delivery, logistics, e-commerce, financial, and insurance services. Besides the China Post, there are other major service providers in China, including EMS, SF Express, and YTO Express.

EMS, also known as Express Mail Service, is an international courier service that operates in China and other countries. It is a subsidiary of China Post and provides express delivery services for urgent and important items. SF Express, on the other hand, is a private courier service provider that specializes in express delivery, logistics, and supply chain management. It operates over 30,000 service points across China and has a strong presence in the e-commerce market. YTO Express is another courier service provider that offers express delivery, logistics, and supply chain management services. It has a nationwide network of over 50,000 service points and serves both domestic and international markets.

Speed and Reliability

The speed and reliability of the postal service in China vary depending on the type of service and provider. Generally, express delivery services are faster and more reliable than standard mailing services. China Post offers various mailing services, including ordinary mail, registered mail, and EMS. The delivery time for ordinary mail and registered mail varies depending on the distance and destination, ranging from a few days to several weeks. EMS, however, is a guaranteed express delivery service that delivers items within 1-2 business days domestically and 3-7 business days internationally.

In terms of reliability, the postal service in China has improved significantly in recent years. China Post has implemented various measures to enhance its service quality, such as improving delivery routes, upgrading facilities, and optimizing management. It also provides tracking and tracing services for most of its mailing and express delivery services, allowing customers to monitor the status of their items. Other service providers, such as SF Express and YTO Express, also offer reliable and efficient services, particularly for express delivery and logistics.

Additional Services

Post offices in China offer a range of additional services besides mailing and delivery. These services include financial and insurance services, government services, and retail services. For example, customers can open bank accounts, pay bills, buy insurance, and apply for passports and visas at post offices. Post offices also sell various products, such as stamps, stationery, and souvenirs.

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Moreover, some post offices provide value-added services for customers, such as packaging, printing, and document handling. For instance, customers can purchase packaging materials, such as boxes, envelopes, and bubble wrap, and have their items packed and labeled at the post office. Post offices also offer printing and photocopying services and assist customers in filling out forms and documents.

Delivery Coverage

Although China’s postal service has a vast network of post offices, it does not deliver to every home in China. Some rural areas and remote regions may not have postal service coverage. In such cases, customers can use alternative delivery options, such as courier services or express delivery. These services are often faster and more reliable than standard mailing services and can be more convenient for customers who live in areas without postal service coverage.

Address Writing

When sending mail to China, it is essential to write the recipient’s address correctly to ensure proper delivery. In China, addresses are written in a specific format, with the recipient’s name and contact information first, followed by the street address, city or town, province, and postcode. Here is an example of how to write a Chinese address:

Recipient’s Name
Recipient’s Phone Number
Street Address, Building, Unit Number
City or Town, District or County

It is crucial to include the correct postcode to ensure prompt and accurate delivery. The postcode in China consists of six digits, with the first two digits representing the province or autonomous region, the next two digits representing the city or district, and the final two digits indicating the specific area or location.

Postcode Lookup

To look up postcodes in China, customers can use various online resources, such as the China Post website or third-party websites. The China Post website provides a postcode search tool that allows customers to search for postcodes by address, street name, or phone number. Customers can enter the relevant information and click the search button to retrieve the postcode.

Alternatively, customers can use third-party websites, such as China Zip Code Lookup Tool or China Postcode Query, to search for postcodes. These websites provide a similar search function, allowing customers to enter the relevant information and retrieve the postcode.

In conclusion, China’s postal service is a massive and complex network that provides a range of mailing, delivery, and additional services across the country. While the speed and reliability of the service may vary depending on the type of service and provider, it has improved significantly in recent years, with measures in place to enhance service quality. Post offices in China offer a range of additional services, including financial and government services, and some provide value-added services, such as packaging and printing. Although the postal service does not deliver to every home in China, customers can use alternative delivery options, such as courier services or express delivery, in areas without coverage. When sending mail to China, it is essential to write the recipient’s address correctly, including the postcode, which can be looked up using various online resources.

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