Time For Snow Tires?

I must have been looking the other way because it’s suddenly winter and very cold. The manageable minus three degrees, crisp sunshine and bracing air that chased us into the supermarket at the weekend were gone when we came out – replaced by snow tumbling from the vast black maw above and a wind-chill of … Read more

Canadian Creepy Crawlies: ‘Does It Bite?’

One of the less vaunted aspects of adapting to life abroad is getting to know your neighbours. Not the human ones, with whom you can decide the degree of interaction you’re mutually comfortable with. I mean those household occupants we live cheek by jowl with who don’t share a surname or the rent (or any … Read more

4 Mental Hacks For The Expat Existentialist

If you’ve ever asked, “What does it all mean?” or “Why are we here?” you’ve asked an existential question. If you’re reading this there’s also a good chance you’re an expat. Existentialist thought shies away from one-size-fits-all solutions and therein lies its appeal to the global nomad who is only too familiar with the complex … Read more

Food For Thought

Food has a strange hold over us. All over the world, it’s a common bond, but our relationship with food is complex and subjective; it’s so much more than just fuel for our bodies. It’s used to express control, comfort, love, satisfaction, principles, culture; it spills over into so many areas it’s literally, as well … Read more

Mental Illness And Expat Life

Catastrophe-in-waiting or self-development opportunity? Hi everyone! Since I’ve been away summer has smiled on Ontario and Toronto’s already had its first heat alert; the beaches are open and the festival season is about to kick off. While I apologise for my unscheduled absence, (more on that in a minute) it has given me the opportunity … Read more

The Born-Again Expat

I’ve often said becoming an expat is the closest you can get to experiencing life from the uncluttered perspective of a baby – if, and it’s a BIG “if”, you can detach yourself from preconceptions and the urge to make comparisons. ‘Travel broadens the mind’ is a proverb dating from the early 20th century. GK … Read more

Canada Celebrates… February!

Where “chilled” is more than just a temperature – it’s a state of mind…Here in Canada, “the powers that be” recognize the restorative properties of a celebration and have worked hard to ensure they occur regularly throughout the year. Often at school there will be a Spirit Day, for no reason I can fathom other … Read more

Expat Life Is Like January

If I distill my expat existence down to its most basic components, it’s a lot like January. Yep, you heard me right – expat life is like one long January. I’m not talking about weather, some people’s January’s are filled with sunshine and scorching temperatures. I’m referring to the emotional peaks and troughs of the … Read more

Another Canadian Christmas

Another mark on the door-frame of expat growth Expats are a tough bunch to please – trapped as they are between worlds. Here I am in Canada, so a white Christmas is practically a given, but for me, a Canadian one still leaves a thing or two to be desired. It’s funny how we can … Read more

How To Prepare For A Hurricane

Living in the UK doesn’t necessitate much emergency planning. Usually, the only thing to prepare for is a disappointing summer. If snow’s forecast panic buying might leave supermarkets devoid of bread, milk and lager – but British weather is generally best described as “nondescript”. The rare exception to the rule will follow meteorologist Michael Fish. … Read more