(Not) Home for the Holidays

It’s already almost halfway through October (where does the time go?) and in order to get myself through the thought of another London winter, I’m starting to set my sights on the holidays. With Canada’s Thanksgiving just gone, America’s Thanksgiving in late November, Halloween at the end of October, and then Christmas and New Year’s, … Read more

Expats and Cross-Cultural Relationships: The Lighter Side

“The end of September always marks a turning point in London. Summer is officially, undeniably over, and the leaves start to turn across the capital. We pull out our wool, our knitted jumpers, and our boots in preparation for the seasons ahead. I’ve officially retired the shorts to the back of the closet and am … Read more

An Expat Identity Crisis

Hello, howdy, hi, hey, and welcome! My childhood in the American south taught me many (sometimes questionable) things, but most importantly, you never leave home without your manners. With that being said, it’s time for a very big “Thanks for reading!” and an introduction. After being born and raised just outside Orlando, Florida, I began … Read more