Marriage In The Dominican Republic

Not very many Dominicans actually marry, most just live together. Those who do marry tend to be from the middle and upper classes, probably because of the cost involved. To be honest is makes little difference as those who live together say they are married and call each other husband and wife. I remember standing … Read more

The Hurricane Season In The Dominican Republic

The hurricane season starts on June 1 and runs through until the end of November. The Dominican Republic is right in the middle of the hurricane belt, so every year we check weather websites daily and try and predict if and when a hurricane will arrive. We look at squiggles and blobs coming off the … Read more

Death In The Dominican Republic

I have been to more funerals since I have been here, and seen more dead people here than ever before in my life. There is no stigma against photos of dead bodies in all their gory glory, and if you do an image search for anything on the internet, whatever it is, from chocolate to … Read more

Travelling In The Dominican Republic

Last week I had to travel to Sosua on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic in order to sort a new lap top. The old one was dying, two of the letters kept pinging off, the touchpad mouse no longer worked, back space didn’t work and it got so hot I was burning my … Read more

Presidential Elections In The Dominican Republic

On 20 May the Dominican Republic will vote for a new president, a process which happens every four years. Even though the elections are every four years, many presidents seem to have managed to last a long time. Rafael Trujillo was a particularly nasty chap who murdered anyone who he didn’t like, and he lasted … Read more

Birth In The Dominican Republic

Many people still have large families in the DR, basically because children are a form of pension. There is no social security, no state pension, and very few private pensions. Basically when you stop work the income stops too, hence all children will always send their parents money. When it comes to giving birth, most … Read more

Country Living In The Dominican Republic

Out of the population of 10 million in the Dominican Republic, around 30% live in the country, in small settlements known as campos. Life in the campo is very different from life in the towns and cities, due to the lack of infrastructure and lack of work. Poverty is rife, but someone the inhabitants of … Read more

Electricity – Or Lack Of

Normal life: You press light switch and there is light. When you want a shower there is hot water. When you want to microwave something you just nuke it. Unfortunately it is not quite the same here in the Dominican Republic. The electricity cables are all over ground, and not on high pylons but more … Read more

A Cautionary Tale

I have no idea whether a Sanky Panky is a breed found only in the Dominican Republic, or if they exist in other countries too. Here there are thousands. They are men who make a business out of relationships with foreign women, usually tourists. They will often, but not always, work in tourist businesses, hotels, … Read more

Barrio Living

I live in a barrio in a little town in the middle of the Dominican Republic. A barrio is translated as a neighbourhood, or a suburb. However it is not quite wide tree lined roads with pretty detached houses and beautifully manicured lawns. Each town has several barrios, and they all have names, most of … Read more