What’s Under The Abaya?

Recently I wrote a blog post for InCulture Parent magazine that was later republished in the Huffington Post. The article was titled “Raising a Hijab-Wearing Daughter in a World that Doesn’t Understand” It got a number of responses that shouldn’t have surprised me but did nevertheless. I also made me think about all the misunderstanding … Read more

What NOT To Wear In Dubai

In my last article I mentioned that one of the reasons I did not live living in Dubai is the fact that some of the expatriates are disrespectful of the local customs and culture. Well, just within the last week a flurry of controversy has arisen about what is acceptable to wear and what is … Read more

5 Reasons I DO NOT Like Living In Dubai

1. Goodbyes: in a transient community such as Dubai change due to job situations or family obligations are unavoidable. Sometimes, they occur in an abrupt manner in the form of a termination of contract, sometimes because of homesickness and sometimes due to the allure of another tempting offer in another country. Possibly one with a … Read more

Multiculture: Melting Pot Or Salad?

For the last month or so sandstorms have been on Dubaians minds. Represented in the form of swirling, howling Shimal (north westerly winds) and widespread attacks of asthma and allergies this familiar climate manifestation is a part of life in the desert. My last post was on weather so for fear of sounding like an … Read more

It’s Winter in the Desert

I can say that with a smile these days, reveling in the warmth of my newly purchased woolly socks, the feel of a cozy blanket and the endless cups of steaming ginger tea I indulge in throughout the day…all without turning into a sweaty mess. Makeup actually stays firmly on, rather than sliding off my … Read more