Author of ‘Oh God, My Wife Is German’, Hannover

Who are you? I am an American expat from Portland, Oregon, now living in Hannover, Germany. I am a freelance graphic designer and copywriter, and an avid blogger of all things humorous (though I most often take aim at subjects like Germany, expat life, culture shock and my beautiful – and unintentionally hilarious – German … Read more

Jill Mazullo, Berlin

My name is Jill Mazullo, and in August 2013 my family and I came to Berlin from St. Paul, Minnesota, to spend the year here for my husband’s sabbatical. Our three daughters attend three different schools that meet their needs, which was not the original plan, and I work from home for several clients back … Read more

Katie Jorgensen, Dresden

Who are you? My name is Katie Jorgensen. I am a 30 year old, mother of two, wife, and lover of travel. I currently am a stay at home mom. I have a background in English Literature with a two year degree and hope to go back to college in the future. I enjoy the … Read more

Matthew Jorgensen, Dresden

Who am I? Primarily, I am a father, a husband, and a scientist. I grew up during the 90s in a small culturally homogenous town in Utah. My interests are very broad, ranging from art to marketing and theoretical physics. Somehow, science captured my attention and has remained my primary focus. Through college at Utah … Read more

Working Expectations for Expats in Germany

The words “German work ethic” are world-famous for a reason. Since the time of the nation’s Wirtschaftswunder [‘economic miracle’] in the 1950’s, Germany has projected the image of a nation that can rise from total devastation to exceptional prosperity merely through the unflagging determination of her citizenry. Though accomplishment also comes with an asterisk next … Read more

Moving to Germany (Deliver Me From Insanity!)

by Katie Toppel The night before our container was scheduled to arrive, we saw the enormous truck parked outside our apartment building. With an early arrival, it was obviously ready for our 8:00 am appointment the following morning. Maybe it was due to that glimpse of our container or the thoughts of my clothes and … Read more

Expats Alone at Home in Germany

by Hilly van Swol-Ulbrich A hot and sultry summer’s day in Frankfurt, Germany. “Oh”… says Dewi,“I am amused, while at home in India, we set our air-conditioning to cool down to 27 degrees”…and chuckled… “This is what you call summer, and say it is so hot!” We smiled as we crossed the street on the … Read more

How I Fell in Love With a German City

by Martha Andrus I fell in love, at first sight, with a beautiful, quaint city called Rothenbach O.T. Upon entering the city from the freeway, it looks much like any other European town. Narrow, cobblestone streets dotted with churches and homes. But as you drive further into the city, you see a huge concrete wall, … Read more

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