An American Girl In Italy

 Carlie: Welcome to another episode of the Expat Focus podcast. I’m your host Carlie, an Aussie living in France, and today’s guest is an accidental social media influencer. American, Kacie Rose Burns has amassed a community of over one million people across TikTok and Instagram. And it all started with a little video she … Read more

Caterina, Italy

Who are you? My name is Caterina, and I’m a 61-year-old who still thinks she’s 30. Where, when and why did you move abroad? I’ve been in a small Sicilian city in the Catania province for three months; I plan to be here a year, then to the US, then back again. I’m a Granny … Read more

Health Insurance In Italy: A Guide For American Expats

Moving abroad is a tricky proposition from all angles, but healthcare is one of the main worries people state when they are considering making an intercontinental move. If you’re moving from the USA to Italy, you might be wondering about the quality of healthcare available, how to sign up to the healthcare system there, and … Read more

Zach Stafford, Milan

Who are you? My name is Zach. I am a financial advisor based in Milan, Italy. I am from Surrey, I graduated from Portsmouth University, and I am a huge sports fan. I run and moderate a Facebook group that helps people with UK & Italian pensions. Where, when and why did you move abroad? … Read more

How To Open A Bank Account In Italy

When it comes to opening a bank account in Italy, expats ordinarily have four choices. They can choose to: Keep their existing account in their home country, which is particularly useful for anyone planning to move back at some point in the future Open a local account, which is usually necessary for individuals working in … Read more

How To Learn The Language In Italy

If you are going out to beautiful Italy in order to live and work, you may be asking how easily you will be able to communicate in English, or whether you will need to be fluent in Italian. We will answer some of these questions below.The official language of Italy is Italian. This is a … Read more

How To Rent Or Buy Property In Italy

As an expat destination, Italy is most popular among retired people and those looking to settle down with a partner. The market generally supports people purchasing properties, rather than renting them, but you can also find great rental opportunities with the right landlord.Renting property in Italy In general, rental prices in Italy are competitive. It … Read more

How To Apply For A Visa In Italy

Italy is one of the most popular destinations in the world, for visitors and expats seeking residence and employment. An estimated 50 million people visit the country annually. Whether or not you need a visa will depend on your country of origin. Read on to learn more about your options.Will I need a visa? You … Read more

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