Autumn Arrives In Tuscany

After ten days in England, it was such a relief to get home to Beautiful Tuscany and to find that our local village of Fiano has won back the coveted banner having been victorious at the annual Calambur event! Bravi to all our lovely Italian friends who participated! This event is a bit like the … Read more

How Might Italy’s New Eco Tax Affect Expats?

Italy’s newly minted eco-tax for cars, approved by the country’s upper house of Parliament, is causing quite a bit of confusion.Introduced as part of the country’s budget plan, the ‘eco-tax’ appears to be generating more questions than answers. Is it a tax? A bonus? A rebate? A subsidy? What exactly is this tax and what … Read more

How To Run Your Own Business As A British Expat In Italy

Italy is a country admired throughout the world for its art, design, classical architecture and culture. A leader in precision machinery, luxury automobiles, and hand-woven textiles, Italy attracts thousands of UK citizens each year to its food, wine, stunning landscapes, and warm Mediterranean climate.Starting a business in Italy has been a dream for many British … Read more

How To Eat Gluten-Free In Milan

Italy is without a doubt one of top pasta-consuming locations in the world, and the northern city of Milan is no exception.But before we dive into how to eat gluten-free in Milan – or anywhere else in Italy, for that matter – let’s take a closer look at gluten itself: what it is and why … Read more

How To Buy A Property In Italy: A Guide For New Expats

Who among us hasn’t imagined themselves sitting under the Tuscan sun, sipping from a glass of wine while Domenico Modugno sings Volare on the stereo? Owning a piece of la dolce vita is the dream of many migrants coming to Italy.However, before deciding to own a home or a plot of land in the bel … Read more

How Good Are Antenatal And Postnatal Care In Italy?

Giving birth is never easy at the best of times, and expat mums face some extra challenges, from language barriers to differing levels of care and birth customs. However, Italy – which is child-minded and has a good public health care system – is a good place to be if you’re expecting.So, if you’re resident … Read more

A Guide To Popular Meetup Groups In Florence

Living abroad can be an exciting adventure, but it can also be isolating at times, especially at the onset when you may not speak the language fluently or haven’t had a chance immerse fully into the culture.Making friends can be a challenge, which is why meetups are so important for those who have relocated to … Read more

What Do The New Driving Regulations In Italy Mean For You?

In the latter quarter of 2018, Matteo Salvini successfully pushed for a controversial package of new laws to come into effect, ostensibly to make it more difficult for asylum seekers to find refuge in Italy. However, there are also consequences for other expats living in the country. Here, we shed light on two of the … Read more

Interview With Damien O’Farrell, Expat Coach

Damien, you're an expat coach and you help people who want to move abroad. Tell us a bit more about your job and how you got into it. I define myself as a Global Mobility Specialist and Expat Coach & Mentor and I combine both skillsets to provide a unique relocation experience to Italy. Combining … Read more

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