Colin Backhouse, Mellieha

Who are you? I am Colin, 47 years old and I currently work for a bank Where, when and why did you move abroad? Moved to Malta in March 2014 , moved to Malta After visiting the island for over 35 years. I was sick of the same old crap in the Uk and wanted … Read more

Rhi, St Julians

Who are you? I’m Rhi and I am a 27 year old British woman living in Malta. I have been blogging about my move and my life here since April 2010. I love sunsets, sunrises (when I can get up early enough!), seeing new parts of the island and photographing everything!Where, when and why did … Read more

Pros and Cons Of Living In Malta

For over half a century now, Malta has been a popular destination for expats, especially from the UK and other European nations. The country entices foreigners of all ages, especially those who want to retire close to home. Some of the main factors attracting expats to Malta include the following. Low taxes: This is probably … Read more

A Brief Guide To The Main Religious Beliefs In Malta

The Republic of Malta is a small but densely populated country in the south of Europe, a Mediterranean archipelago with an estimated population of nearly 450,000. With its rich history and culture stretching back thousands of years, its pleasant Mediterranean climate (the best in the world, according to an International Living report in 2011), its … Read more

A Brief Guide To Residence Permits In Malta

Many expats consider Malta an ideal place to live due to the agreeable Mediterranean weather, rich cultural life, safe environment and friendly population. For English-speaking expats, there’s also the advantage that English is the most widely spoken language. Other benefits of life in Malta include a comparatively reasonable cost of living and a favorable tax … Read more

Preparing For The Climate In Malta

The Southern European island of Malta lies almost in the center of the Mediterranean Sea and is about 60 miles from the island of Sicily. Malta receives nearly 5.2 hours of sunshine every day, even during the month of December. The daytime temperatures sometimes reach 21 degrees Celsius throughout November. Springtime begins in late February. … Read more

5 Great Restaurants For Expats In Malta

Maltese cuisine is an assortment of Mediterranean dishes that reflects the culinary influences of both the locals and the varied civilizations that occupied the islands through the centuries. The restaurant scene in Malta is eclectic with some eateries serving up local fare, and others offering their own take on Maltese specialties. These five restaurants are … Read more

Ian Zammit, Sotheby’s Realty

Please tell us a bit about yourself and your company Malta Sotheby’s International Realty is the local arm of Sotheby’s International Realty brand. The Sotheby’s International Realty® brand’s history goes back to 1744, when Sotheby’s Auction House was established; in 1976 Sotheby’s expanded into real estate to service the property needs of the most prestigious … Read more

David, Sliema

My name is David, and I am a sun-seeker escaping from the present gloomy climate (in more ways than one) in Ireland. I moved to Malta in 2011, for the reasons outlined above. Relocating to another country is always going to present a certain amount of challenges. The fact that we did so within 2 … Read more

Harri, Sliema

I go by the name of Harri on my blog, and I’m a 24 years old British female now living in Malta! I moved to Malta in June 2010. My boyfriend and I had just met and were looking for a fresh start. We were sick of the dreary concrete jungle we called home and … Read more