Recommended Reading For Expats Moving To New Zealand

New Zealand has become one of the leading tourist destinations, especially with the colossal success of the film adaptation of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings series which was shot almost entirely in New Zealand. Scenic beauty aside, New Zealand’s pleasant climate, booming economy and hospitable population make it an attractive destination for working professionals and … Read more

A Few Tips For Expats Driving In New Zealand

It is easy to travel around in New Zealand due to its size. Within a few hours, you can make the journey from one city to another on either of the two main islands. But many roads have winding and uneven terrain that could pose a challenge for new drivers. Here are some driving tips … Read more

Sofie Jacobs, Dunedin (South Island)

Who are you? My name is Sofie Jacobs. I am a 35 year old woman from Belgium. I have a master in Graphic Design and a Teaching Diploma. After I finished my studies I worked several years in the graphic industry. The last ten years I have worked as an arts teacher for different age … Read more

Raymond Edwards, Hawke’s Bay

Who are you? My name is Raymond Edwards and I live on the east coast of New Zealand in an area known as Hawke’s Bay, the main towns in this area are called Napier, Hastings and Havelock North. I am a retired IT Project Manager having spent over 40 years in the industry working for … Read more

Laura Jerome, The Bay of Islands (Northland)

Who are you? I am Laura, I’m originally from Scotland, I’m a gardener/farmer now, but I used to be a teacher. I taught children with emotional difficulties and severe autism. I’m married to the lovely Lloyd, we have no children, but have filled our life with animals. We have 3 big dogs. Where, when and … Read more

Enjoy Awesome Activities on New Zealand’s South Island

New Zealand’s South Island, though referred to as the “Mainland”, should not be confused with other land masses that bear that name: we tend to associate that term with the most populous areas of any given country, and the South Island is certainly not that (less than a fourth of New Zealand’s total population lives … Read more

Current Employment Opportunities in New Zealand

Despite New Zealand’s limited manufacturing and IT sectors, the country has much to recommend it as a workplace: whatever the local portrait of economic diversity may be, New Zealand was rated by the International Herald Tribune as the “most business-friendly country in the world”, and more recently as number three in the World Bank’s “Ease … Read more

North or South Island? The Expat Dilemma When Moving to New Zealand

New Zealand is an English speaking country, with a good climate, spacious and luscious landscape/scenery and a good quality of life. In fact, the number one dilemma facing people who have chosen to move to the country is whether to locate in the North or South island, as both are arguably great choices for working … Read more

Jenny, Auckland

My name is Jenny. We moved to Auckland, New Zealand in May 2010. My husband, Chris, was presented with a great job opportunity, so we decided to make the move from the States and head to New Zealand. I had never been to New Zealand, so finding first-hand information from other expats about life in … Read more

Diane Morgan, Wellington

My name is Diane Morgan and I’m originally from Bergen County, New Jersey, USA. I’ve been living outside of America for nearly 10 years now but have been in New Zealand for the past four of those. I currently work for the NZ government as a business improvement advisor however before coming to NZ I … Read more

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