What Is It Like To Live And Work In Rural Sweden?

Sweden is becoming quite a popular destination for expats because of its living standards, economy, technology, nature, infrastructure and values. This country offers foreigners the possibility of a wholesome and well-balanced lifestyle. However, the cost of living in Stockholm (the capital) as well as some of the other major cities can be quite high. Expats … Read more

5 Experiences You Must Try As an Expat In Sweden

Sweden has something for everyone, quite literally. It’s one of the most liberal countries in Europe, and the Swedes are champions of human rights. Whether you’re a religious, cultural, ethnic or sexual minority, you can rest assured that you will feel right at home in Sweden. The Swedes are also extremely environment-friendly, and take great … Read more

A Short Expat Guide To Food And Drink In Sweden

Swedish cuisine is laden with many regional differences. The northern region is known for its meat dishes, while the people of the south consume varieties of fresh vegetables. Traditional Swedish dishes are prepared through simple methods and use a lot of contrasting flavors. Food in Sweden is also inspired by several foreign influences over the … Read more

Why Moving To Sweden Will (Probably) Make You Healthier

Sweden is best known for its impressive architecture, great natural beauty and fresh, clean air. Largest of all Scandinavian nations, Sweden has gained repute for one other thing – health. Nordic countries like Sweden are known to be the healthiest countries in the world. Sweden has a low rate of health problems and life expectancy … Read more

Why Moving To Sweden Will (Probably) Make You Happier

Sweden is the fifth best place to live in the world, says the 2013 World Happiness Report. This may be at least partly behind the fact that the country remains a popular destination for expats. Sweden is a land of natural beauty and high technology; it lays great emphasis on cultural traditions, and accommodates ultra-liberal … Read more

The Honest Truth about the Cost of Living in Sweden for Expats

Many would-be expatriates dream of starting a new life in Sweden, and for good reason: the nation has earned a reputation for being at the forefront on technological and social innovation in Europe, as being relatively free of pollutants and other environmental health hazards, and for having unflagging educational standards (such as near-total internet connectivity … Read more

David Carpenter, Jokkmokk

My name is David Carpenter. My wife and I moved to Jokkmokk in northern Sweden in 2004. We were looking for a less stressed and easier going community orientated lifestyle away from crowds, traffic and somewhere nearer to nature. What challenges did we face during the move? Learning a new language was the most important … Read more