Ann Marie McQueen, Abu Dhabi

I am a 40-year-old journalist from Canada. I moved to Abu Dhabi from Ottawa in April 2008 to help start up an English newspaper, The National, serving the UAE and region. I had always wanted to work abroad and never had the nerve or the opportunity – when I got this chance to work with … Read more

Jacky, Dubai

My name is Jacky, married to Marc, mother of 4 children and two grandchildren. We moved to New Zealand in 1997 to get away from the crime in South Africa. We moved again from NZ to Dubai in 2005 as NZ was getting far too expensive, plus we did not enjoy the wet weather which … Read more

Young and Foolish

I’m Young and Foolish – A British expat. After working on short contracts in Europe in the early 00´s we decided to look for opportunities to live and work abroad. I took a Contract in Saudi Arabia, but unfortunately the security situation rapidly worsened and I did the first year out there alone. My family … Read more