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Cuba – Employment Terms and Conditions

Cuba is a socialist country with a planned economy, where the government owns most of the businesses and industries. In this article, we will explore the key aspects of employment in Cuba, including working hours, employment rights, benefits, and pensions.

Working Hours in Cuba

The standard working week in Cuba is 44 hours, and most employees work from Monday to Friday. However, some industries, such as healthcare and education, may require employees to work longer hours or on weekends.

Overtime work is regulated by Cuban labor laws, and employees are entitled to be paid extra for their overtime work. The maximum number of overtime hours per week is 12 hours, and the maximum number of overtime hours per year is 200 hours.

Employment Rights and Benefits

Cuban workers have certain employment rights and benefits, such as minimum wage, paid leave, sick leave, and maternity leave. The Cuban government guarantees these rights to all employees, regardless of the type of work they perform.

Minimum Wage

The minimum wage in Cuba is determined by the government and varies depending on the industry and type of work performed. As of January 2023, the minimum wage in Cuba is CUP 400 per month, which is equivalent to approximately USD 16.

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Paid Leave

Employees in Cuba are entitled to a minimum of 15 days of paid annual leave, which increases with length of service. In addition to annual leave, employees are also entitled to paid public holidays, which are determined by the government each year.

Sick Leave

Employees in Cuba are entitled to sick leave with full pay for up to 6 months per year. After 6 months, the employee may be entitled to receive 60% of their salary for the remaining period of absence due to illness or injury.

Maternity Leave

Female employees in Cuba are entitled to 18 weeks of paid maternity leave. During this period, the employee is entitled to receive 100% of their normal salary.


All employees in Cuba are entitled to a pension, which is designed to provide income in retirement. The pension is funded by both the employee and employer, and there are two main types of pensions available in Cuba: the basic pension and the social security pension.

The basic pension is available to all employees and is based on the employee’s contributions and the number of years they have contributed to the scheme. The social security pension is available to employees who have contributed to the social security system for a certain number of years and provides a higher level of benefits than the basic pension.

Retirement Age

The retirement age in Cuba is currently 60 years old for men and 55 years old for women. However, the government is currently in the process of gradually increasing the retirement age to 65 years old for both men and women by 2025.

Cuba offers a range of employment rights and benefits for workers, including minimum wage, paid leave, sick leave, maternity leave, and pensions. However, the country’s planned economy and socialist system may present challenges and differences compared to other countries. It is important to research and understand your specific employment situation in Cuba to ensure that you are being treated fairly and receiving all the benefits and rights to which you are entitled.