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Cuba – Rail Travel

Cuba has an extensive railway network that connects the major cities of the country. While the train system in Cuba is not as modern or fast as those in other countries, it is an affordable and convenient way to travel between cities. In this article, we will explore the standard of rail travel in Cuba, the different classes available, ticket information, and accessibility for disabled passengers.

Overall Standard of Rail Travel

The rail system in Cuba is operated by Ferrocarriles de Cuba, which is the national railway company. The trains in Cuba are generally older and slower than those found in other countries, but they are comfortable and reliable. The trains are not air-conditioned, and the windows are often left open for ventilation.

Classes of Travel

There are two classes of travel available on trains in Cuba: first-class and second-class. First-class tickets cost more than second-class tickets and provide passengers with more comfort and amenities. First-class seats are larger and more comfortable, and they often have access to air conditioning. Second-class seats are less expensive and less comfortable, but they are still a viable option for budget travelers.

Ticket Information

Train schedules and ticket prices in Cuba can be found on the website of Ferrocarriles de Cuba. Tickets can be purchased online or at train stations in person. It is recommended that travelers purchase their tickets in advance, as trains can fill up quickly, especially during peak travel seasons. Payment for train tickets in Cuba can be made with cash or credit cards.

Types of Rail Tickets and Discounts

There are several types of rail tickets available for travel in Cuba. One-way and round-trip tickets are available for both first-class and second-class travel. There are also discounts available for children, students, and seniors. It is important to note that discounts may not be available during peak travel seasons.

Accessibility for Disabled Passengers

The rail system in Cuba is not well-suited for disabled passengers. Most train stations do not have wheelchair ramps, and the trains themselves are not equipped with accessible bathrooms or seating areas. Additionally, the train platforms are often raised, making it difficult for disabled passengers to board and disembark from the trains.

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Underground Trains or Metros

There are no underground trains or metros in Cuba. The rail system is primarily used for long-distance travel between cities, and there is no dedicated subway system for transportation within cities.

In conclusion, rail travel in Cuba is a convenient and affordable way to travel between cities. While the trains may be older and slower than those found in other countries, they are still a reliable and comfortable way to travel. It is important to purchase train tickets in advance and to be aware of the different classes of travel and ticket discounts available. However, the rail system in Cuba is not well-suited for disabled passengers, and there are no underground trains or metros in the country.