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Postal Service and Mail Delivery

Malaysia - Postal Service and Mail Delivery

The postal delivery system in Malaysia is state-owned and called Pos Malaysia.


Tel: 1300 300 300

The Pos Mel is responsible for managing all postal arrangements within Malaysia and for overseas mail. The national system is responsible for all mail management services. There are private courier companies who are available and courier services are also offered by Pos Malaysia.

Service Reliability

The postal service is reliable and efficient. Mail within Malaysia is efficient and outbound overseas mail can be delivered within a week depending on the country you are sending to and the efficiency of their delivering service.

Post Offices and Mailboxes

Post Offices are available in and around major cities and usual opening times are between the hours of 10am and 6pm, Monday – Saturday. The post offices sell a range of stationery goods and postage stamps and offer a counter service for the weighing of packages. Letters and packages are weighed for pricing purposes. There are over 1000 post offices in Malaysia.

Mailboxes are dotted around the city and are red and yellow in colour. Red is for standard mail and yellow is for express mail (which is equivalent to first class in the UK). Collection times are displayed on the front of mailboxes.


Delivery is direct to your door or a post box in an apartment building, usually found on the ground floor. Parcels are delivered direct to your door to be signed for. A card is left for any registered mail or parcels to be signed for if there is no-one at home. The delivery is then taken to a collection point where you can pick your delivery on proof of identification.

There is a mail forwarding service available if you’re moving home, this can be filled in online or you can fill in a form available at any post office and pay a very small fee for the service.

If you live in a particularly remote area, it is advisable to set up a post office box number where you can collect your mail. This can easily be arranged online on the Pos Malaysia website or in the post office itself.


The cost of sending mail in Malaysia is very reasonable and the Pos Malyasia website details a list of all costs associated with sending mail and parcels.


There are certain sizes, types of envelopes and weights that determine the price of sending a package or letter. It is fair to say, the bigger the letter or parcel, the more the delivery service will cost.

Additional Services available from the Postal Service

Pos Malaysia offers additional services online and over the counter at their many shops. You can sign up online for their bill payment service and all household utility bills can be paid via Pos Malaysia. These include, gas, electricity, water, fixed landline telephone bills and even mobile telephone bills.


If you have sent a letter or a parcel via registered post, you can track your letter or parcel online and check when it has been received at the other end.


You can also track times of inland postal times for all mail here:


Malaysian Addresses

Addresses on letters and mail should be legible to ensure delivery to the correct address. The postcode should always be used to avoid delivery delays.

The standard way to write an address on an envelope is as follows:

- Name of recipient
- House number/name/building name/floor
- Street
- Postcode and city or town
- State

For example:

- Mr Jones
- 9 Central Buildings
- Central Town
- 50609 Kuala Lumpur
- Kuala Lumpur

The address should be written in the centre of the envelope.

Postcodes are in a five-digit format and the first two numbers will determine the State where the address is. The postcode for Kuala Lumpur is 50 and 60, followed by the next three digits which determine the precise address.

There is a postcode checker on the Pos Malaysia website.


The postal system in Malaysia is well oiled and there are few problems with lost mail. The post office counter service has mostly English-speaking staff that are happy to help with any query you may have. Overall, the mail delivery system is reliable and safe.

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