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United Kingdom - Working

United Kingdom

What Might Brexit Mean For Expats Working In London?

Posted by: Scar on Monday February 11, 2019 (18:07:12)   (20 Reads)
In another , we looked at how the UK’s exit from the EU was likely to affect the country as a whole.

Numerous studies, including the government’s own, showed that rural and industrial parts of the UK were the areas most likely to suffer. The midlands and northern England could face a 20 percent slowdown in growth, whilst nearly 20 percent of all British industry is set to suffer from Brexit. ...    more ...
United Kingdom

Report: Number Of EU Citizens Looking For Work In The UK Declines In 2017

Posted by: Scar on Wednesday May 03, 2017 (15:28:00)   (1309 Reads)
(c) daniel_diaz_bardillo on Pixabay
The arguments for and against Brexit were complicated, emotive and confusing. Although the public vote stirred strong emotions from all sides, the debate didn’t extend much further than that.

Famously, the figures used by Vote Leave promised millions of reclaimed expenses to be committed to the NHS. These numbers were contested and shot full of holes, but for those who wanted to believe them, they were bulletproof.    more ...
United Kingdom

UK Remains Popular With Young Expat Entrepreneurs Despite Brexit Vote

Posted by: Scar on Monday April 17, 2017 (13:00:59)   (1420 Reads)
In the wake of the Brexit vote, the second half of 2016 was a turbulent one for the UK. In October the pound plummeted, hitting a six year low against the Euro, and a three decade low against the dollar. It is yet to recover to pre-Brexit vote levels, and threats of a 'hard Brexit' have many economists and commentators predicting an unstable future for the UK economy.    more ...
United Kingdom

Why 90% Of London City Workers Want To Move Abroad

Posted by: Scar on Wednesday September 21, 2016 (13:26:36)   (872 Reads)
(c) David Iliff
Recruitment firm Astbury Marsden says that 90% of senior City staff say they are keen to move overseas, a rise from the 77% recorded the previous year.

The main reason for this growth in numbers is apparently down to the European Union's cap on bankers' bonuses which restricts banks from paying more than a year's salary to their employees as a bonus.

As result senior City workers can earn substantially more in other financial centres includ ...    more ...
United Kingdom

Interview With Andrew Wigford, Managing Director, TIC Recruitment

Posted by: Scar on Thursday February 18, 2016 (13:54:28)   (2325 Reads)
Andrew Wigford
Andrew, you're Managing Director at TIC Recruitment. Tell us a bit about your background and what brought you to this role.

I was a teacher in the UK for several years before moving overseas to work at Mohne School in Germany, which was part of the Service Children’s Education Authority. I was then offered a job at an international school in Colombia. At that time there were not many international schools and none of my friends really kn ...    more ...
United Kingdom

The Best Coffee Shops To Work From In London

Posted by: scar on Wednesday December 23, 2015 (14:55:49)   (2682 Reads)
© canvasandcream.com
London is a lively, dynamic city home to booming business and the cutting edge of creativity. Bright young things are moving into every industry, shaking things up with new ideas and founding their own companies.

Brits are particularly keen to shake off the 9 to 5 straitjacket and work to their own rules. Freelancing is now at an all-time high and could soon overtake the number of people employed in the public sector.    more ...
United Kingdom

Best Employment Opportunities Outside London and the M25

Posted by: Jamie on Friday May 03, 2013 (18:46:59)   (2293 Reads)
As global connectivity increases, and the U.K. falls prone to the same decentralization affecting the rest of the world's major population centers, there seem to be an increasing number of reasons for even the most well-heeled professionals to live outside of the M25 (for non-U.K. residents, the motorway ring that forms a kind of informal 'boundary' enclosing London from the rest of the country).

London will remain the prime English stronghol ...    more ...