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Indonesia – Animal Welfare and Cultural Issues

Indonesia is a country located in Southeast Asia, known for its diverse culture, stunning landscapes, and rich history. As pet ownership continues to rise in Indonesia, it is essential to understand the prevailing attitude towards animals and pets, the laws governing pet ownership, major animal charities in the country, pet supply stores available, and cultural taboos associated with different types of animals.

The Prevailing Attitude to Animals and Pets in Indonesia

The prevailing attitude towards animals and pets in Indonesia varies widely depending on the location and culture. In rural areas, animals are often seen as a vital part of daily life, providing food, transportation, and companionship. However, in urban areas, the attitude towards animals and pets is changing, with more people keeping pets as companions.

Dogs are the most popular pets in Indonesia, followed by cats, birds, and fish. Many Indonesians consider their pets as members of their families and provide them with love and care. However, there are still cases of animal cruelty and mistreatment in Indonesia, particularly in the traditional markets and slaughterhouses.

Pet Ownership in Indonesia

The laws regarding pet ownership in Indonesia are relatively lenient, with little regulation or enforcement. While there are some laws governing animal welfare, there are no specific laws that address pet ownership. The Indonesian government has recently started to address the issue of pet ownership and animal welfare, but there is still a long way to go.

One of the few laws governing animal welfare in Indonesia is Law No. 18 of 2009 on Animal Husbandry and Health. This law outlines the basic standards of animal welfare and provides regulations for the care and treatment of animals. However, the law does not specifically address pet ownership or provide any guidelines for responsible pet ownership.

Major Animal Charities in Indonesia

Indonesia is home to several major animal charities that work to promote animal welfare and rescue and care for animals in need. One of the largest and most well-known animal charities in Indonesia is Animal Friends Jogja. This organization was founded in 2007 and works to promote animal welfare through education, advocacy, and rescue efforts. They operate several animal shelters across Indonesia and provide veterinary care and rehabilitation for animals in need.

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Another major animal charity in Indonesia is Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN). This organization focuses on animal rescue and advocacy, particularly for wildlife and endangered species. They provide rescue and rehabilitation services for animals in need, as well as education and advocacy programs to promote animal welfare.

Pet Supply Stores in Indonesia

Indonesia has several pet supply stores that cater to pet owners’ needs. One of the largest and most well-known pet supply stores in Indonesia is PetMart. PetMart has over 70 stores across Indonesia and offers a wide range of pet products, including food, toys, bedding, and accessories.

Other pet supply stores in Indonesia include Pet City, which offers a wide range of products for dogs, cats, birds, and fish. For online shopping, Petopia.id is a popular choice that offers home delivery of pet supplies.

Cultural Sensitivities Towards Animals in Indonesia

In Indonesia, there are cultural taboos and sensitivities associated with different types of animals. For example, dogs are considered unclean by some Muslims and are not allowed in some mosques or homes. Additionally, there is a long-standing tradition of dog meat consumption in some parts of Indonesia, particularly in Bali and Sulawesi.

Another cultural taboo in Indonesia is the use of elephants in tourism. Many Indonesians view elephants as sacred animals, and the use of elephants for entertainment purposes, such as in circuses or as tourist attractions, is considered unethical and inhumane.

Indonesia is a diverse country with varying attitudes towards animals and pets.

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