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Israel – Landlines and Mobile Phones

Israel has a modern and developed telecommunications infrastructure that allows residents and visitors to stay connected through various channels. In this article, we will delve into the telephone service in Israel and answer some key questions related to it.

International and Area Codes in Israel

The international code for Israel is +972, followed by the relevant area code and phone number. The area codes vary depending on the location within Israel. Some of the popular expat destinations in Israel and their respective area codes are:

  • Jerusalem: 02
  • Tel Aviv: 03
  • Haifa: 04
  • Eilat: 08

It is important to note that dialing within Israel does not require the international code, and only the area code and phone number need to be dialed.

Major Telephone Providers in Israel

There are several major telephone providers in Israel, both for landline and mobile services. Some of these providers and their contact details are:

Landline Providers

  • Bezeq: Bezeq is the largest landline provider in Israel, offering both residential and business services. They can be reached at 1800-012-012 or through their website at www.bezeq.co.il.
  • HOT: HOT is another popular landline provider in Israel, with services ranging from internet and TV to telephone services. They can be reached at 1800-350-550 or through their website at www.hot.net.il.

Mobile Providers

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  • Cellcom: Cellcom is the largest mobile provider in Israel, offering a variety of plans and services. They can be reached at 1-800-260-260 or through their website at www.cellcom.co.il.
  • Partner: Partner is another popular mobile provider in Israel, with plans and services tailored for both residents and visitors. They can be reached at *1111 or through their website at www.partner.co.il.
  • Pelephone: Pelephone is a mobile provider that offers both prepaid and postpaid plans, with services ranging from voice and data to international calling. They can be reached at *6868 or through their website at www.pelephone.co.il.

It is important to note that there are several other providers in Israel as well, and it is recommended to research and compare different plans and services before selecting a provider.

Arranging Telephone Connection in Israel

The procedure for arranging telephone connection in Israel varies depending on the provider and the type of service. For landline services, the process usually involves contacting the provider either through their website or customer service hotline, and selecting the desired plan and connection options. The provider may require some personal information and documentation for verification purposes.

For mobile services, the process is relatively simpler and can be completed online or through the provider’s app. The user may need to purchase a SIM card and select a plan based on their usage requirements.

It is important to note that some providers may require a credit check or security deposit before providing services, particularly for non-residents or new customers.

Paying Telephone Bills in Israel

Telephone bills in Israel can be paid through various channels, including online, through bank transfer, or at designated payment centers. Some providers may also offer automatic payment options for added convenience.

For landline services, the bill is usually sent to the customer’s registered address and includes details on the billing period, usage charges, and any additional fees or discounts. The customer can then choose their preferred payment method and complete the transaction within the given deadline.

For mobile services, the billing process may differ based on the plan and usage requirements. Some plans may require upfront payment or may offer a fixed monthly fee, while others may be based on usage and billed accordingly.

It is important to note that failure to pay bills on time may result in suspension of services or additional fees and penalties. It is recommended to set up reminders or automatic payments to ensure timely payments and avoid any inconvenience.

In addition to the standard billing process, some providers in Israel also offer prepaid options for both landline and mobile services. Prepaid plans allow the user to purchase credit in advance and use it as per their usage requirements. The user can then top up their credit as needed and avoid any surprise bills or additional fees.

In conclusion, the telephone service in Israel is well developed and offers a variety of options for residents and visitors alike. The major providers offer both landline and mobile services, with plans and packages tailored to different usage requirements. The procedure for arranging telephone connection and paying bills is relatively simple and can be completed through various channels. It is recommended to research and compare different providers and plans before selecting one, and to ensure timely payments to avoid any inconvenience.