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Israel - Recommended Blogs

Published Wednesday December 14, 2016 (15:10:51)

(c) restaurandocoracoes on Pixabay

At Expat Focus, we like to be on the lookout for resources around the web that could help prospective expats adjust to their new countries. Today, we’re taking a look at Israel and some of the blogs that might be useful for expats there.

Lizrael Update

Liz has been busy since starting her expat life in 2004. Working, studying, getting married and starting a family, all of which have been recorded in the writing project that is her blog. It’s chock full of useful information for any current or prospective expats, particularly those with or planning a family and those studying the language. Her honest accounts of raising a bilingual family, living life away from your passport country and everyday lost in translation moments are detailed and absorbing.

Brightly Coloured Sunflowers

This serial expat was introduced to life in another culture when her family moved to England when she was a child, and since then she has lived as an expat in various different countries before landing in Israel. Her life long expatriate experience is something that she regularly reflects on and is able to eloquently communicate in her blog. For anyone hoping to learn Hebrew, whatever age you are, you will find encouragement here as well as recommendations for the best places to test out your newfound knowledge.

Open To Israel

This blog documents the highs, as well as the lows, of an American family in Raanana. Navigating through a new life with an open heart and a much-needed sense of humour, Jennifer writes snippets from their surreal life; her previous career as a journalist is obvious from the articulate posts. Appreciating all the contrasts that the country has to offer, through exploration and through her personal development in yoga, this blog is a very personal expat experience shared.

Why I May Still Be Canadian

Canadian David has been living the expat life for over 30 years. An educator and writer by profession, his posts as you’d expect are written intelligently and with a storytelling style. He writes about family, friends, a life with two homes, all with a healthy dose of cynicism and sharp wit, which make his blog so interesting to read. This self-confessed hockey player turned desert rat doesn’t often apologise for being Canadian anymore; well, at least not as much as he used to, anyway.

Marilyn & Josephine

Marilyn moved to Tel Aviv in 2007 from Antwerp, Belgium, and has been sharing her love for the city through the blog from the start. A go to for what’s hot and going on in and around the city, as well as insights into expat life and motherhood. For anyone considering a visit or a move you will definitely find some inspiration here; her love of design and creativity radiates from her blog.

Marc’s Words

British born Marc is a copywriter and blogger living in ‘the jewel of the Mediterranean’, previous stints in Israel drew him back to the country as an expat in 2010. A no holds barred account of his changing life in Israel, sharing his honest feelings about citizenship, home and his love for a country divided. A well-written and thoughtful blog, a must read for anyone considering a move to Israel.

We’re always on the lookout for more sites to feature - if you run a blog about living in Israel, leave us a link in the comments and we’ll take a look!

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