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Malaysia - Internet

You will likely want your new home to be connected to the internet. In Malaysia, the internet service is excellent and there are a number of providers to choose from. There is a choice of broadband or dial-up service and telephone internet services to choose from.


Major cities such as Kuala Lumpur have an excellent broadband service. If you’re used to a fast and reliable internet connection then this is the best option to choose from.

Telekom Malaysia provides internet connection services and their branch is TMNET which is the primary provider for internet broadband services. You can set up an account with them at any of their outlets or online.

To apply for an internet service the following documents will need to be provided:

- Proof of address in the form of a tenancy agreement or a utility bill
- Passport
- Work permit or visa
- Landline information.

All internet service providers have to pay a deposit and this is dependent on the service provider. All of the websites are in English as are the application forms in the store. Bills are issued monthly and can be paid online with a credit or debit card or by bank transfer. You can pay your monthly bill at any of your provider’s outlets in shopping centres or around the city centre.

There are other internet providers apart from TMNET.


U Mobile:

All of the above providers require the same documentation to initiate the account and a deposit is always required. The time for connection is between one to two weeks. Bills are also issued monthly and these are in English and can be paid by direct debit, bank transfer, or by cash with a giro slip sent with the bill in your provider’s stores.

Other Internet Services

There is a range of other services available in terms of internet services. Dial-up services are available and all websites provide information on their full range of providers.

Country Restrictions

Malaysia has strict censorship laws and there are over 100 movies banned in Malaysia. Internet restriction, however, remains liberal as Malaysia adapts to modern services such as the internet. There is little in the way of restrictions on the use of the internet in the country’s move towards a more democratic sense of living. The government’s stance on internet access remains free despite Malaysia being a country that is known for its strict censorship laws.

The government have previously filtered politically sensitive sites, according to sources, however, on investigation this was found not to be the case. Malaysia has signed the ‘Multimedia Act’ in the nineties and any censorship of the internet would be a direct breach of that Act.

The only site that is banned in Malaysia is a faith freedom website and this was banned in 2010. Wikileaks is also banned. There are a number of other websites which are banned of a sensitive nature and to prevent illegal downloads of movies from piracy sites.

In 2011, there was an attempt by an international hacking site that launched an attack on the Malaysian Government and this was colloquially named ‘Operation Malaysia’ and there were small disturbances to government websites. The government closed down their services as warnings of the attack were given. This caused little disturbance to the overall internet service to consumers in Malaysia.

Broadly speaking, there is little to be concerned about with internet service providers and all the well-known sites are accessible to consumers. Malaysia remains a free and open society with very little interruptions to internet services. As Malaysia becomes a free market in terms of business opportunities, the internet has become a part of daily life for most people.

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