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Morocco – Recommended Blogs

At Expat Focus, we like to be on the lookout for resources around the web that could help prospective expats adjust to their new countries. Today, we’re taking a look at Morocco and some of the blogs that might be useful for expats there.A Life in Marrakech

Patrick and Per’s adventures in Morocco were only supposed to last for one year, but they quickly realised they didn’t want to re-join the rat race in Scandinavia. So, they quit their jobs and set up a successful Moroccan PR business; they also host local TEDx talks. The pair’s blog has morphed from a diary for family and friends to a popular source of information for insider tips on Marrakech, and stories about their exciting life. In case their living and working in Morocco wasn’t making you envious enough – they also frequently spend time in their homes in Italy and Sweden.


This adorable American/Moroccan couple met online through Instagram (‘The Meeting’ is a great post to start with on their site) and they will soon become parents! Hannah and husband Zouhair are living in Tetouan and frequently share updates with readers through blogs, vlogs and gorgeous photographs. As well as posting about aspects of Moroccan culture and their travels, the pair hope to help other international couples with their detailed explanations of getting married, applying for visas and finding the right doctor in Morocco to support them through Hannah’s pregnancy. This blog projects so much love and will give you all the warm, fuzzy feelings.

Maroc Mama

Amanda is a well-recognised blogger and Marrakech foodie who has been sharing her life, expat knowledge and passion for food and travel since she and her family relocated from the US in 2013. Amanda has a great collection of articles about different aspects of expat living in Marrakech: from tying the knot to learning Arabic, blending cultural traditions, raising bilingual kids. She also explains what it’s really like to live with your in-laws! Check out Amanda’s recipe index for mouth-watering dishes from Morocco, America and beyond.

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Quinn In Mexico

Quinn first experienced Morocco as a Peace Corps volunteer, and you can roll back through three years of posts about her strange and wonderful experiences over that time. After a period back in the US she’s now enjoying part two of her Moroccan adventure, this time with her partner and “a job that actually pays the bills!” Despite her previous knowledge of the country and culture, Quinn’s experiences are still strange, wonderful and at times incredibly frustrating. She has a knack for keeping you captivated; even when you delve into seemingly mundane updates about fur babies or a painful airport mission to retrieve lost luggage.

Beyond Marrakech

If you’re in awe of the beautiful colour palette that is Morocco’s natural beauty and homewares, you’ll enjoy Danielle’s blog. Both she and her husband are originally from the Netherlands and, after falling in love in Morocco, went about building a guesthouse in the Valley of Ourika – 40 minutes from Marrakech. Danielle’s photo diaries are a mix of personal and business. She shares snippets of family and guest house life, but also shots and explanations of various local products in a ‘virtual bazaar’ where she sells all the Moroccan treasures that she and her family happen to love.


If Essaouira wasn’t on your destination short list, it may pique your interest after reading Lynn’s beautiful blog. The British woman is based mainly in this south Moroccan town with her partner and son, and she’s a knowledgeable expert on Moroccan culture, cuisine and travel. Her site acts as a resource on Essaouira and more broadly Morocco, and she provides plenty of links to further information and advice. If you’re considering a move to Morocco head to her FAQs, and click the ‘Essaouira’ tab for her top tips and inside info. If you still have burning questions, Lynn welcomes being contacted directly.

Rock the Kasbah

Marie is a forty-something writer, dancer, world traveler, wife and mother of four who is back in Colorado after living abroad in Morocco for a couple of years. You don’t need to exclusively explore Marie’s older posts for information and funny anecdotes about her chapter in Morocco – they’re very much peppered through her most recent, witty (and sometimes worrying) misadventures and rants about her teenage kids.

Morocco Mama

Born in Morocco to American parents and having lived in both countries, Nora Fitzgerald – aka Morocco Mama – shares her unique point of view. She established and is running a non-profit that provides small grants to women from disadvantaged background who want to set up their own catering micro-business. Establishing the Amal Center was no easy feat however, and coincided with her daughter falling seriously ill. Nora’s blog is refreshing and down-to-earth, and it will leave you wanting to make a more meaningful impact in your own community.

Bewildered in Morocco

Polish expat Monika has learnt a lot from living in Morocco, and she shares these life lessons with readers as she helps them discover the ‘real’ country away from the tourist view. Whether you’re travelling, visiting on business or looking to relocate, you’ll find lots of practical tips on finding a job, renting, dealing with all the essential paperwork and navigating various aspects of Moroccan culture. Monika also runs a ‘Bewildered in Poland’ blog about her homeland, and she makes amusing comparisons between the two countries.

Colours of Morocco

American Jeffrey Bale is a world traveller and builder of fine gardens and pebble mosaics, for which he is well known. While his blog is not exclusively about Morocco, he spent two winters in the country. Use the blog search function to jump to relevant posts filled with striking photos, and explanations of Morocco’s iconic colours, how and why they’re used. Jeffrey’s rambling writing style pulls you in, and you feel right beside him as he explores Moroccan city streets, observing landmarks and delving into traditional painting, tanning, dyeing and tile cutting.

We’re always on the lookout for more sites to feature – if you run a blog about living in Morocco, leave us a link in the comments and we’ll take a look!