Lynn Sheppard, Essaouira

Who are you? My name is Lynn Sheppard.I am a postgrad student (of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies and Arabic), travel writer, virtual PA, mum, wife and maroc-o-phile. Where, when and why did you move abroad? I have lived abroad for about a third of my life, in Belgium, Germany, Japan and most recently in … Read more

Monika, Casablanca

Who are you? I am Monika, a Pole that decided to come to Morocco for an internship. And I stayed. Now I have my blog Bewildered in Morocco. Where, when and why did you move abroad? It was a spontaneous decision taken in July 2013. Two months later I was already in Casablanca. I didn’t … Read more

Gaston Hakim, Casablanca

Who are you ? My name is Gaston Hakim and I’m the owner of, a blog where I share my story of expat life in Morocco. I share all my experience of the country by giving advice to people who would like to expatriate in Morocco or just travel in Morocco. What is your … Read more

Eleanor Easton, Casablanca

Who are you? I am a teacher in Casablanca, Morocco, and am finding my way through what you might call my freshman year of life. I just graduated from college in the US, and am now living in Morocco for the second time, after having previously spent six months there as an exchange student. When … Read more