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New Zealand - Internet

When you need an internet connection in New Zealand you have a choice of a dial-up connection which is fairly slow, a basic broadband package or a high speed broadband connection. Wireless and satellite internet are options for those who live in rural areas and who want a faster internet connection than dial up.

There are a number of different companies in New Zealand which offer internet services. The main one is Telecom New Zealand which offers not only internet but telephone and television services too. Orcon, Vodafone, Telstra Clear and Inspire all offer internet services from the basic dial-up to high speed broadband and as a result there are many internet packages available for all customers to choose from. These range from the lost cost $10 per month for a limited dial-up service to $70 or more for a top speed broadband.

Most customers in the country are able to access broadband services, although rural customers may be reliant on wireless or satellite internet services. The lines which are used to deliver broadband services are often provided by Telecom, even if you have the service with another provider. However, the lines in rural areas are often not geared up to receive standard broadband. Broadband packages may limit usage ranging from 5 GB to 25 GB or more. Often the cost of an internet package includes your home phone line too. It is normal practice for those users who exceed the stated data transfer to have their service reduced to a dial up speed for the remainder of that month.

Another option for internet services is the cable service. This is usually faster than other broadband services but is currently limited on availability to the Wellington and Christchurch areas. TelstraClear is the company offering these services. Wireless services are offered in some areas and Vodafone and Woosh are the main companies for this. Satellite internet services are available in New Zealand but the cost is very high as there is a great deal of equipment to be installed. This includes the cost of a satellite dish and installation, which can be in the region of $4000 and monthly fees can be in excess of $150. Some providers such as Iconz give customers the opportunity to rent the equipment but you will be tied in to a minimum contract, usually around 2 years. You would still need to pay installation of up to $2000 and the monthly fee is much higher due to the rental cost.

Regular customer surveys carried out by a variety of consumer organisations look at the services which are provided by internet service providers. Maxnet is a company which regularly features at the top of the lists and has one of the fastest growing customer bases of any company. The company is still fairly small but investment in services means that it is known for a quality service. Xnet is a company that dates back to the mid 1990s and is a venture that is 100% based in New Zealand.

Orcon also has a good reputation for customer service and offers a wide range of broadband packages for customers. Woosh is solely a wireless broadband provider and ideal for those who do not want any adjustments to their phone lines or extra equipment installed at home. Juiced is a relatively new company to the internet market and offers both residential and business services.

Arranging connection is relatively straightforward. It is simply a case of calling the provider and asking for an installation. As a newcomer to New Zealand you may be asked to provide proof that you have residency status, particularly if you are signing up for a time specified contract. Usually you will need to provide some ID and proof of address. Some companies may carry out a credit check and may accept a credit report issued in your home country. Bills are usually issued on a monthly basis and customers have a variety of ways in which they can pay. Most customers opt for a direct debit from their bank account for simplicity, although you can pay over the phone, at the bank or post office or send a cheque through the post.

Useful Resources

PO Box 302362
North Harbour
Auckland 0751
New Zealand
Freephone: 0508 JOIN US (0508 564 687)

Telecom New Zealand
Telecom NZ Limited
PO Box 1473
Christchurch 8140
New Zealand
Tel: 0800 225 598
Email: online enquiry form on website

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