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Peru – Citizenship

Peruvian citizenship is available to foreign nationals who have been living in the country for at least two years and meet certain requirements. Applicants must be at least 18 years old, have a valid residence permit, and be able to prove that they can support themselves financially.

Process of Applying for Citizenship in Peru

The process for applying for citizenship in Peru involves several steps. First, the applicant must obtain a criminal record certificate from their country of origin or any country where they have resided for more than one year in the past five years. They must also provide a certificate of good conduct from the Peruvian National Police.

Once these documents are obtained, the applicant must submit their application to the Peruvian immigration authority. The application must include a passport, a birth certificate, proof of residence, and evidence of financial support. The applicant must also pass a Peruvian language test and a test on Peruvian culture and history.

After the application is submitted, the immigration authority will conduct a background check and review the applicant’s qualifications. If approved, the applicant will be invited to take an oath of allegiance and receive their Peruvian citizenship certificate.

Advantages of Being Granted citizenship in Peru

Becoming a citizen of Peru provides several advantages, including the ability to vote in elections and to run for public office. It also provides access to social services and government benefits, such as healthcare and education. In addition, citizens have the right to work and live in Peru without restriction.

Dual Citizenship in Peru

Peru allows dual citizenship, which means that a person can become a citizen of Peru without renouncing their existing citizenship. This is an important advantage for those who wish to maintain their ties to their country of origin.

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Reliable Information on Citizenship in Peru

For reliable and up-to-date information on citizenship in Peru, the best resource is the website of the Peruvian immigration authority, Migraciones. The website provides detailed information on the requirements and procedures for obtaining Peruvian citizenship, as well as other immigration-related services.

Migraciones website: https://www.migraciones.gob.pe/index.php/servicios-linea/nacionalidad/