Jonathan Brown – Life In Singapore

Carlie: Hey there. It’s Carlie with the Expat Focus podcast, and in this episode I’m talking to Jonathan Brown, an American who is carving out a location-independent life while basing himself in Singapore. Jonathan originally moved to Asia to work for LinkedIn, and he has since published a book for young professionals looking to take … Read more

Vanessa Anderson – House Sitting

Carlie: Hey there. It’s Carlie with the Expat Focus podcast. Many of us want to ditch our 9-to-5 life and travel the world. But finding a viable way to do that, and long term, well, it can be a bit of a challenge. One way that is increasing in popularity is by house-sitting. Vanessa Anderson … Read more

Naomi Hattaway – Repatriation

  Carlie: Hey there. It’s Carlie with the Expat Focus podcast. One thing you don’t think too much about when you move overseas is what happens if or when you go back to your home country. Now, personally, I haven’t experienced this yet. I’ve just marked four years in the northern hemisphere. But plenty of … Read more

Amanda Walkins – Freelance Writer, Serial Expat

  Carlie: Hey there. It’s Carlie with the Expat Focus podcast. If you’re thinking about taking the leap into life abroad, it can be difficult to know where to start. Choose a country to move to – well, obviously, that’s a good step one. But sometimes, even that first decision is not straightforward. And then … Read more

Expat Teacher In South Korea – Jasmine Turner

Carlie: Hey there. It’s Carlie with the Expat Focus podcast. I’m an Australian living in France, and on today’s show I’m talking expat life in South Korea with someone who surprised me, actually, with her honesty about how she’s finding her experience. My guest is Jasmine Turner, an American YouTuber who you can check out … Read more

International Currency Transfers – Will Hewitson From FC Exchange

Carlie: Will Hewitson, Senior Partnerships Manager at FC Exchange, talks to me about how to get a great rate on currency transfers, and moving your money abroad with confidence. Are all currency transfer companies essentially the same? Will: There’s actually a range of companies that will send your money overseas, but it’s usually broken down … Read more

Expat Mental Health – Vickie Skorji From Tell Japan

Carlie: It’s tough enough sometimes, just being an expat and living away from your old network of family and friends. But when you need extra support – medical, legal services – and you’re in a foreign country, it can be a real struggle to find adequate help. Hey, it’s Carlie, an Australian expat living in … Read more

Learning Foreign Languages – Sarah Cole From John Murray Learning

Carlie: It’s the Expat Focus Podcast. Hey there. I’m your host Carlie, an Australian expat living in France, and I’m really excited about today’s guest, because we’re talking languages. Have you successfully learnt a second language to fluency? Maybe a third? Maybe you grew up with more than one language and have found it relatively … Read more

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