Retiring To Hong Kong

Carlie: When it came time to think about retiring, Ben Zabulis and his partner Hilary quickly realised that the typical European expat retiree destinations, like Spain, weren’t quite right for them. Instead, they sold up in the UK and moved to Hong Kong, a place that had captured their hearts years before. Ben’s a regular … Read more

Tax Issues For South African Expats – Jonty Leon

Carlie: Hey there it’s Carlie with the Expat Focus podcast. We’re homing in on tax issues for South African expats in this episode because, did you know they’re on track to beat their own emigration record this year? And the biggest mistake expats can make, according to today’s guest, is thinking they’re not a big … Read more

Teaching in Germany

Carlie: Hey there it’s Carlie with the Expat Focus podcast. What can you expect as a foreign teacher working in Germany? And what do you do when your school goes bankrupt? American expat John Siskar wasn’t planning to dive into an international teaching career when he went travelling six years ago. And he certainly wasn’t … Read more

Expat Life With A Big Family

Carlie: Hey there it’s Carlie. Tony Elliott’s job as an interest rate trader has seen him live in some of the most exciting cities in the world. Meanwhile, as a dad, he’s busy raising seven kids, in two countries. So what’s expat life like when you’ve got a big family, in different locations, and a … Read more

Overcoming Loneliness With A Friend-Finding App

  Carlie: Hey there, it’s Carlie with the Expat Focus podcast. What was your biggest struggle when you moved to your new country? For Melanie Aronson, an American in Sweden, it was overcoming this unexpectedly deep sense of loneliness. She felt it so strongly, she decided to make a friend-finding app called Panion to help … Read more

Tax Tips For Digital Nomads

Carlie: Hey there it’s Carlie with the Expat Focus podcast. Remote working has definitely hit the mainstream, and round the world more and more people are taking the opportunity to be temporary locals, combining their jobs with longer term travel, staying in one country for a month, or a few months, at a time, longer … Read more

Running A B&B In The Italian Countryside

Carlie: What does it take to own and run a B&B in the Italian countryside? American Ashley Bartner can tell you all about it! And she’s going to in this episode of the Expat Focus podcast. Ten years ago Ashley and her husband Jason left the hustle and bustle of New York for a big … Read more

Life In Denmark

Carlie: Hey there it’s Carlie with the Expat Focus podcast. What’s your motivation for moving abroad? British expat Melanie Haynes was ready for an adventure, and it led her and her husband to move to Denmark. More than 8 years later, they’re still there, living in the capital of Copenhagen. And Melanie’s blog, Dejlige Days, … Read more

Common Tax Issues For UK Expats

Carlie: Hey there it’s Carlie with the Expat Focus podcast. Let’s face it, for a lot of us when we move abroad, the last thing we really wanna think about is our tax situation. Getting paperwork in order, remembering reporting dates and deadlines, for a country we’re no longer living in. It’s not exciting, but … Read more

Moving To The Netherlands

Carlie: Hey there. It’s Carlie with the Expat Focus podcast. The Netherlands is well known for its great work-life balance, its cycling culture, tulip fields … there’s a few more clichés I could mention here too. But did you know it’s also a bit of an expat’s dream when it comes to making your move … Read more

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