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Poland – Retail and Consumer Issues

Poland is a country in Central Europe with a diverse retail industry. In this article, we will discuss typical opening hours of shops, forms of payment accepted, major supermarkets in Poland, online shopping popularity, expat-specific shops, and consumer rights.

Typical opening hours of shops in Poland and forms of payment accepted

Most shops in Poland are open from Monday to Saturday between 10:00 am and 8:00 pm, with some staying open until later at night. On Sundays, shops are generally closed, although some small shops and markets may be open for a few hours.

As for forms of payment, most shops in Poland accept both cash and credit card payments. Some shops also accept mobile payments, such as BLIK and Google Pay.

Major supermarkets in Poland and differences between them

There are several major supermarket chains in Poland, with the two biggest ones being Biedronka and Tesco.

Biedronka is a supermarket chain owned by the Portuguese company Jerónimo Martins, with over 3,000 stores throughout Poland. It is known for its low prices and good quality products, including fresh produce and meat. Biedronka also has a focus on private-label products, which helps keep prices low.

Tesco is a multinational supermarket chain with several stores throughout Poland. It is known for its wide range of products, including international goods and fresh produce, as well as its focus on sustainability and reducing waste. However, Tesco’s prices are generally higher than those at other supermarkets.

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Online shopping popularity and main websites

Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular in Poland, with more and more people opting to shop online instead of in physical stores. Some of the most popular online shopping websites in Poland include:

  • Allegro: This website is one of the biggest online marketplaces in Poland, offering a wide range of products, including electronics, clothing, and household items.

  • Ceneo: This website specializes in price comparison, allowing consumers to compare prices of products from different retailers in Poland.

  • Empik: This website specializes in books, music, and other cultural products.

Shops in Poland specifically for expats and finding international products

There are several shops in Poland specifically for expats, catering to their specific needs and tastes. Some of these shops include:

  • Carrefour: This supermarket chain has several stores throughout Poland and offers a range of international products, including food, drinks, and household items.

  • Marks & Spencer: This British retailer has several stores in Poland and specializes in clothing, home goods, and food products.

  • Specialty Food Shops: There are several specialty food shops in major cities in Poland that offer a range of international products, including cheeses, meats, and gourmet foods.

For finding specific international products, expats can also try visiting ethnic food stores or online retailers, such as Global Foods or World Market, which offer a range of products from different countries.

Consumer rights and contact details of main consumer organizations in Poland

Consumers in Poland have several rights that are protected by law. These include the right to a refund, the right to a replacement product or service, and the right to cancel a contract within a certain time period.

If consumers have a complaint or dispute with a business, they can contact the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK). UOKiK is responsible for enforcing consumer protection laws and can impose fines or penalties on businesses that violate these laws. Consumers can file a complaint with UOKiK online or by visiting one of their offices throughout the country.

In addition to UOKiK, there are several consumer organizations in Poland that can provide information and assistance to consumers. Some of the main organizations include:

  • Federation of Polish Consumers: This organization is dedicated to promoting and protecting consumer rights in Poland. It provides information and assistance to consumers who have a complaint or dispute with a business.

    • Consumer Federation of Poland: This organization is a non-profit that aims to protect and promote consumer interests in Poland. It provides legal advice, support, and representation for consumers who have been mistreated by businesses.

    Consumers can contact these organizations by phone, email, or through their websites for assistance with consumer-related issues.

    In conclusion, the retail industry in Poland offers a diverse range of shopping experiences and products for consumers. Most shops are open from Monday to Saturday between 10:00 am and 8:00 pm, with some staying open until later at night. The major supermarket chains in Poland are Biedronka and Tesco, each with their own unique selling points. Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular, with websites like Allegro, Ceneo, and Empik offering a wide range of products. For expats, there are shops specifically catering to their needs, as well as specialty food shops and online retailers. Consumers in Poland have several rights that are protected by law and can seek assistance and information from organizations such as UOKiK, the Federation of Polish Consumers, and the Consumer Federation of Poland.

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