Portugal – Veterinary Care

Portugal, located on the Iberian Peninsula in Southern Europe, is known for its rich history, beautiful beaches, and stunning architecture. The country is also home to many pets, with dogs and cats being the most popular. As such, veterinary care is an important aspect of pet ownership in Portugal. In this article, we will explore … Read more

Portugal – Vehicle Maintenance, Repairs, and Breakdown Recovery

Regular Vehicle Inspection Rules in Portugal In Portugal, all vehicles are required to undergo a periodic vehicle inspection, commonly referred to as the Inspection of Vehicles (Inspecção Periódica Obrigatória, or IPO). The frequency of the inspection depends on the age of the vehicle. Vehicles less than four years old are exempt from the inspection. Vehicles … Read more

Portugal – Taxation

The Taxation System in Portugal The taxation system in Portugal is regulated by the Portuguese Tax Code, which defines the types of taxes that must be paid by individuals and businesses. The system is divided into two categories: direct taxes and indirect taxes. Direct taxes are paid on income and wealth, while indirect taxes are … Read more

Portugal – Self-Employment

Breakdown of how self-employment works for expats in Portugal Self-employment is a viable option for expats in Portugal, especially for those who want to work in industries that are not heavily regulated. To become self-employed in Portugal, expats need to follow a few steps. As a self-employed person in Portugal, you are responsible for your … Read more

Portugal – Retail and Consumer Issues

Portugal is a country in southern Europe with a diverse retail industry. In this article, we will discuss typical opening hours of shops, forms of payment accepted, major supermarkets in Portugal, online shopping popularity, expat-specific shops, and consumer rights. Typical opening hours of shops in Portugal and forms of payment accepted Most shops in Portugal … Read more

Portugal – Residency

Types of Residency in Portugal Portugal is a popular destination for expats, known for its sunny weather, beautiful beaches, and rich cultural heritage. If you are considering moving to Portugal, one of the first things you will need to think about is obtaining residency status. There are several different types of residency available, each with … Read more

Portugal – Property Rental Prices

Typical Rental Prices in Expatriate-Friendly Areas of Portugal Portugal, known for its stunning coastline, historical cities, and warm climate, has become a popular destination for expatriates in recent years. The country offers a variety of locations, each with its unique charm and rental price range. Here, we explore the typical rental prices in areas popular … Read more

Portugal – Rail Travel

Portugal is a beautiful country with a rich history and culture. One of the best ways to travel around the country is by rail. In this article, we will focus on rail travel in Portugal. The Overall Standard of Buses in Portugal The overall standard of buses in Portugal is good. Buses are a popular … Read more