Singapore – Importing a Pet

If you’re planning to move to Singapore with your pet, you may be wondering about the process of importing your furry friend. Singapore does allow the import of pets, but there are certain restrictions and requirements that you need to know. In this article, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to know … Read more

Singapore – Health Service

Singapore is renowned for its modern healthcare system and high standard of care. In this article, we will explore the standard of healthcare in Singapore, how healthcare is paid for, the services provided by hospitals, follow-up care, and rules regarding medical treatment of foreign visitors. Standard of Healthcare Singapore has a world-class healthcare system, with … Read more

Singapore – Health Risks, Inoculations, Vaccinations, and Health Certificates

Specific Health Risks in Singapore Common Diseases Despite having a robust healthcare system, Singapore does have certain diseases that travelers should be aware of: Dengue Fever: Singapore has seen recurring outbreaks of dengue fever. It is transmitted through mosquito bites and is particularly common during the rainy seasons. Zika Virus: Though rare, there have been … Read more

Singapore – Health Issues

Singapore is known for its world-class healthcare system, with a focus on preventative measures and early detection. However, like any other country, it still faces various health issues. In this article, we will discuss some common health issues affecting the population in Singapore, as well as the prevalence of smoking and related legislation. Common Health … Read more

Singapore – Health Insurance

Is Health Insurance Mandatory in Singapore Health insurance is not mandatory for all residents in Singapore. However, the Singaporean government strongly encourages individuals to have health insurance coverage to safeguard against potentially high medical costs. While there is no legal requirement for citizens and permanent residents to have health insurance, some groups, such as foreign … Read more

Singapore – Finding Property to Rent

Popular Rental Areas for Expats in Singapore Singapore, known for its vibrant economy, modern infrastructure, and cultural diversity, is a highly sought-after destination for expats from around the world. The city-state offers various rental areas that cater to the diverse needs and preferences of expats. Here are some examples of popular rental areas for expats … Read more

Singapore – Finding Property to Buy

Popular Estate Agents in Singapore Singapore’s real estate market is known for its dynamic and competitive nature, with numerous estate agents and agencies offering services to both locals and foreigners. Here are some of the popular estate agents and agencies in Singapore: PropNex Realty: PropNex is one of the largest real estate agencies in Singapore, … Read more

Singapore – Finding Employment

Singapore is a thriving hub for business and commerce, making it a popular destination for expats seeking employment opportunities. This article will provide an overview of the job market in Singapore, the workplace culture, language requirements, major recruitment agencies and job sites, typical CV structure, job application process, and qualifications transfer process. Job Market in … Read more

Singapore – Emergencies

Singapore is a small island country in Southeast Asia known for its multicultural society, bustling city life, and excellent healthcare system. In case of emergencies, there are several ways to seek medical assistance. In this article, we will discuss the phone number to call for emergency medical assistance, where to go for emergency medical treatment, … Read more