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Thailand - Recommended Blogs

Published Tuesday September 06, 2016 (12:37:57)

(c) moritzklassen on Pixabay

At Expat Focus, we like to be on the lookout for resources around the web that could help prospective expats adjust to their new countries. Today, we’re taking a look at Thailand and some of the blogs that might be useful for expats there.

Farang Rak Thai Photo Blog

A photo diary of life in Thailand, Farang Rak Thai Photo Blog presents the images of a European engineer, his Thai wife and their Eurasian son. Aiming to showcase their beautiful home, the posts are a window onto real life whilst settling into a new culture. Posts are mostly in English, with a scattering of French in the archives.

Paper Planes

The "Land of 50 Million Smiles" captured Seattle native Alana's heart unexpectedly, and keeps drawing her back to the hot, mozzie biting shores no matter where she travels in the world. With stories involving finding a scorpion in her kitchen, driving a motorbike through the pouring rain, falling in love with a Thai tattoo artist (and meeting his family) and trying to teach highschoolers who couldn’t understand a word she said - to name but a few of the adventures - Paper Planes is a perfect blog for reading about expat life in Thailand.

The Thailand Life

An astonishingly comprehensive guide to expat life in Thailand with a friendly approach that uses personal experiences to deliver helpful advice for thriving in the Land of Smiles. The Thailand Life has helpful guides to everything from the cost of living and getting a job to learning Thai and traveling the country safely.

A Farang Abroad

Getting a little R-18 in places, A Farang Abroad is an occasionally brutal, rather honest sharing of a bloke's life in Thailand. With posts on dating locals, making money, freelancing, the Thai lifestyle and a whole lot more in between, it does make for fascinating if head-tilting reading.

White Guy in Thailand

Recently returning to his American roots, Austin was a "White Guy in Thailand", spending 32 months experiening life in Thailand under the guidance his grandfather gave that “nobody grows within their comfort zone.” His blogs features mini-lessons about living and surviving teaching roles in Southeast Asia.

Thai Pulse

With a dedicated page of 23 reasons to move to Thailand and a running list of answers to questions running through the back of every expat's mind, Thai Pulse is a great read for anyone thinking of moving there. Originally intending to stay for a single year, a decade later the author Vern has no intention of leaving - that's how wonderful life is.

Tieland to Thailand

Chris and Angela threw off their 9-5 American tie shackles and found themselves living on a tropical Asian island. Fast-forward to years later and they are sharing their beautiful journey as full-time expats armed with gorgeous photography skills. Tackling everything from visa hurdles, new food culture and off-the-beaten path travel spots, to teaching English and budgeting abroad, they have left no stone unturned in their journey so far.

A Little Adrift

Finding herself time and time again living in Thailand, Shannon is a Floridian digital nomad with a lust for Southeast Asian life. Featuring living cost guides (all dated to keep them fresh), insider tips, unveiling crazy quirks and the often rapid changes that being a digital nomad can bring, A Little Adrift is a must read about one of the "most popular places to expat in the world".

Richard Barrow in Thailand

Exploring Thailand for over 20 years, Richard Barrow is living the travel dream and sharing his explorations near and far to his adopted homeland. Proudly only sharing sponsor-free travel, food & festivals,and translating breaking news from Thai sources, this is a semi-personal blog of a trusted resource active in the travel community.

Live Less Ordinary

Featuring a Bangkok lifestyle section in amidst a bevy of wanderlust-inducing articles, the author of Live Less Ordinary wasn't joking when they named their blog. Well and truly living up to the magnificent title, this is a journal of tips, recommendations and living a life far removed from a boring booted and suited 9-5 existence.

We’re always on the lookout for more sites to feature - if you run a blog about living in Thailand, leave us a link in the comments and we’ll take a look!

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