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Vietnam – Retail and Consumer Issues

Vietnam is a rapidly developing country in Southeast Asia that has seen significant growth in its retail and consumer sectors in recent years. In this article, we will explore some of the key issues facing retailers and consumers in Vietnam.

Opening Hours and Forms of Payment

Most shops in Vietnam are open from around 9am to 9pm, seven days a week. Some smaller shops may close earlier, while larger shopping centers and supermarkets may stay open later. However, opening hours can vary depending on the location and type of shop.

Cash is the most commonly accepted form of payment in Vietnam, but credit and debit cards are also becoming increasingly popular. Payment via mobile apps is also on the rise, particularly among younger consumers.

Major supermarkets

There are several major supermarket chains operating in Vietnam, including Lotte Mart, Big C, and VinMart. These chains offer a wide range of products, including fresh produce, household items, and electronics. Prices can vary between supermarkets, with VinMart generally being the most expensive and Big C often offering the best value for money.

Online Shopping

Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular in Vietnam, particularly in larger cities such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Some of the most popular e-commerce websites in Vietnam include Lazada, Tiki, and Shopee, which offer a wide range of products including electronics, fashion, and household items. Many online retailers offer free delivery and cash on delivery payment options, which are particularly appealing to Vietnamese consumers.

Shops for Expats

There are a number of shops in Vietnam that cater specifically to expats, particularly in larger cities. These shops offer a range of international products, including food, clothing, and household items. Some popular expat shops in Vietnam include Annam Gourmet Market, Jaspas Market, and International Supermarket.

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Consumer Rights

Vietnam has a Consumer Protection Law that sets out the rights and obligations of consumers and businesses. Under this law, consumers have the right to return or exchange faulty products, receive a refund if a product is defective, and cancel a contract within a certain period of time. The Vietnam Competition and Consumer Protection Authority (VCA) is responsible for enforcing the Consumer Protection Law and can be contacted by phone or email for consumer complaints.

Retail and consumer issues in Vietnam are evolving rapidly as the country continues to develop. While cash is still the most commonly accepted form of payment, online shopping is becoming increasingly popular, and there are a number of shops catering specifically to expats. Consumers in Vietnam have a number of rights under the Consumer Protection Law, and can contact the VCA for consumer complaints.