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Australia - Recommended Social Media Accounts

Thursday January 05, 2017 (02:35:51)


At Expat Focus, we like to be on the lookout for resources around the web that could help prospective expats adjust to their new countries. Today, we’re taking a look at Australia and some of the social media accounts you should be following if you’re thinking of moving there.

Help A Mate Moving To Australia
Facebook Group

Moving cities, let alone continents, can be harrowing, so this page was set up to connect global expats who have made or are making the big move to Australia. With members providing everything ranging from answers to difficult questions, to settled expats offering a friendly face at the airport, this is an excellent resource. Topics can vary from experiences with visas (though professional advice is always suggested) to job queries. This is a friendly group with a 'pay it forward' attitude.

Facebook Page

Not just a vehicle for planning myriad trips around Australia that expats adore to take in their spare time, this Facebook page is a fantastic source of inspiration for when homesickness hits. Here you’ll also find general information, tips on travelling to and / or working in Australia, as well as plenty of images and video that help capture the Australian experience. They also love user generated content discovered on this sunshine filled continent.

Yanks in Oz
Facebook Group

Created as a resource for Americans in Australia to connect, network, and learn, this is a Facebook group that 'doesn't coddle', but does provide a platform for waving a figurative stars and stripes flag. With meetup groups established in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and excellent resource links, this 550 strong group is a must-follow for anyone thinking of moving to the land of green and gold.

Australia Plus Expats
Facebook Page

Created and curated by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation this is an online and mobile home of content, news and highlights from the best of Australia. Set up to facilitate cross-cultural communication and create build regional partnerships, this is a site specifically aimed towards expats. Set up in 1999, this media channel has established a fascinating community.

South African Mums Sydney
Facebook Group

A fantastic place to meet fellow South African Mums based in Sydney, Australia this is a closed facebook group for like minded expats craving a community that has the same values and experiences as each other. With nearly 200 members, this is a socially active forum that organizes get-togethers for homesick South Africans and a place for remembering the beautiful country left behind.

Sydney Moving Guide
Facebook Page

Created by an expat for expats, this is a Facebook page (and blog for those that prefer reading more-indepth articles) that is often updated and full of useful information. Lauren was fed up with all the "misinformed and useless expat guides", not only giving bad advice to those making the move to Sydney, but also charging heavily for it, leading to this informative site focused on the largest city in Australia.

Irish Around Oz
Facebook Page

Followed by 32,000+ people, this popular page provides an essential resource for those who have left the Emerald Isle behind for an altogether more dusty life. Full of beautifully curated content, spin-off communities for specific areas, providing useful information on visas, travel, work, tax, money and everything else related to being an Irish expat in Australia - this is a must-follow page.

Expat Australia
Facebook Page

For a prospective expat wanting to know the realities of life in Australia, this page is an excellent place to start. Set up both for expats hoping to make Australia their new home, and those who are settling into the culture of Oz, this is a must read that features topics such as the cost of living in Australia, possible property / accommodation challenges, working in Oz and members who organize Meet-ups.

Facebook Page

Written largely in Italian, this page shares the latest new articles, thoughts on local happenings and valuable first hand advice. Created in 2009, the community who gather on these posts are passionate, honest and understand the challenges that face even the most experienced of expats, all whilst living la dolce vita thousands of miles from home

POMs In Oz
Facebook Group

With UK expats comprising the largest percentage of expat nationalities in Australia (usually escaping conversations around the water cooler about the grey weather for year-round sunshine) POMs In Oz is a facebook page full of the realities of life Down Under. Whether members have lived in Australia for as little as 1 month or as long as 10 years, this is a forum for asking questions answered by suggestions by friendly, experienced locals.

We’re always on the lookout for more accounts to feature - if you write about living in Australia on social media, leave us a link in the comments and we’ll take a look!


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