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Brexit, LGBT+ Expat Life And London Cocktail Bars

As winter marches on towards spring in the UK, there are more pressing questions at stake than whether it’s OK for your editor to plant flowers in her windowboxes without risking them dying in a frost.

What impact Britain leaving the EU – the snappily named “Brexit” – would have on expats in both areas, for example.

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Should I Stay or Should I Go? is another important question – how can you tell whether you really do need to move back home, of if it’s just a case of the expat blues?

If you’ve decided to move abroad but you’ve yet to choose a country, where should you move to? Well, that depends on your priorities. Are you looking to start a business? Perhaps you’re an LGBT+ expat who wants to make sure your new country will be friendly and accommodating of your rights.

There have been lots of big expat questions covered on Expat Focus this week, as you can see above, but we’ve also been focusing on the more fun aspects of expat life.

If you’re an expat in London (UK), for example, have you been to any of these ten secret cocktail bars?

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And finally, a couple of interviews: we spoke to Alan Clarke, CEO of Homestay, about his company which provides accommodation for short-term travellers around the world.

We also caught up with Steve Hall, the founder of ThisIsSpain.info, about why he first moved to Spain and the services his site provides for expats.

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Until next time… have a great week!