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Moving Abroad: Everything You Need To Know About Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi might not necessarily be high up on your list of things to research when it comes to moving abroad, but you’d be surprised how much we rely on it, particularly in the West. A lack of access to the websites or cybersecurity you take for granted can have a huge impact on your everyday life. A little bit of forward planning and some insider tips are all you need to rectify this situation, which is exactly why we created this short guide.We’ll cover aspects you may not have thought of, from speed and connectivity to security, speed and staying power. You might not have factored in regular power cuts, but we have, and we have some handy solutions for you so that you can preemptively order gadgets to ensure life continues to run smoothly.

Strength And Staying Power

What is it?

Depending on where you are relocating to, you may experience dodgy internet connections, dangerous wiring, overloaded power lines and even regular power cuts. This happens in plenty of places all around the world, from the infamous ‘load shedding’ in South Africa to the limited generators in rural spots and islands at the heart of Indonesia.

How to address it

If this is a likely occurrence for your new home base, you might want to plan ahead. Invest in some portable battery packs for your devices and charge them up when you’re able. Or you can even order solar-powered portable chargers and leave them in the sun. You could also get a small wind up torch and any other handy gadgets you can think of that will make life easier.

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You might want to purchase portable Wi-Fi devices or devices that boost the signal. Don’t forget to also purchase surge protectors so that in the event of dodgy wiring or electrical surges, your expensive electrical gadgets won’t suddenly blow up.

Internet Censorship

What is it?

A fair few countries practice internet censorship, meaning that certain websites will be prohibited and blocked from viewing. For example, in China, even Facebook is prohibited. Perhaps this isn’t the end of the world for you… but it could be that you use the site as a way of staying connected to your loved ones. Make sure you give the people you care about alternative means of communication and ways to get in contact with you, other than relying on just one site like Facebook.

How to address it

Of course, there are always ways around internet censorship, such as the use of proxy sites. Whether or not that’s a good idea is debatable; the risk is entirely up to you.

Internet Security

What is it?

Cybersecurity is not a given in many countries. Always check the security of Wi-Fi networks whenever possible, even at the airport. Credit card details can be stolen if you log onto to unstable, unprotected Wi-Fi networks.

How to address it

Make sure your devices are up-to-date and install anti-theft protection on them as well as virus scanners and firewalls.

Wi-Fi Speed Around The World

What is it?

Keep in mind that the entire world isn’t on the same wavelength when it comes to technology. While the West we are hurtling towards implementing 5g networks, many other countries around the world are still using 3g, if that. Speed metrics vary from country to country as well, with South Korea being the fastest overall with a speed of 41.3 Mbps, while the slowest is in Afghanistan, at 2.2 Mbps.

How to address it

Purchase a Wi-Fi booster, repeater, or extender, depending on what your problem is likely to be. For example, the Wi-Fi signal might need boosting, or you might want to extend the range or double the coverage area of your network.

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Tips And Hacks

Take a look at the following resources for handy tips and hacks when it comes to Wi-Fi and cybersecurity.

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• A crash course on cyber security.
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• Tips for better Wi-Fi speed and signal.

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