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Talking To Expats: Experiences, Interviews And Helpful Guides

Here on Expat Focus, we try to share the latest relevant news for expats around the world and provide you with useful guides to various aspects of expat life. However, there’s nothing quite like learning about life in another country from other expats themselves – after all, they’ve already been through what you’re about to experience. This week, we have plenty of expat experiences and interviews to whet your appetite.Sonja talks about life in Scotland; Dan tells us about life in Russia; Sheryl discusses living in Egypt; Wan Wei shares her experience of living in Finland; James talks about life in Greece; Amanda and Johannes tell us about life in Malta; Jade shares her experience of living in Colombia; and Rebecca discusses what life is like for her in Mexico.

We also interviewed Duncan Khoury, the Head of Marketing at World First Australia, about a new survey that discusses why so many expats are making Australia their home.

We have some recommended social media accounts for you to follow if you’re moving to the UK or Venezuela.

We also have a guide to healthcare in Antigua & Barbuda; a guide to the cost of living in Belize; and a guide to public healthcare in Brunei.

If you’re heading to South America, you might want to know how to open a bank account in Mexico, or how to rent property in Peru.

Or, if Europe’s sunniest shores are more your scene, here’s a guide to schooling options in Malta.

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