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Getting Your Atestado De Residência in Portugal

Wednesday October 03, 2018 (11:26:32)


Obtaining an ‘Atestado De Residência’ in Portugal is the process of gathering proof that you reside in the country. This is a process that can strike fear into the calmest of people, since gaining proof of residency in any country can be confusing and challenging, especially when there isn’t much information available online; however, it doesn’t have to be that way!

What Is An Atestado De Residência?

If you’re living in a country that is a member of the European Union (EU) before you move to Portugal, you don’t need to obtain a visa or permit in advance. If this is the case for you, the only way you can formalise your right to live in Portugal is by actually residing there. This is where the Atestado De Residência comes in.

The process of getting an Atestado De Residência is simple. This is because the Atestado De Residência isn’t an application for residency, it’s simply a certificate of proof that you’re currently residing at a particular address in Portugal.

Why Do You Need One?

The Atestado De Residência is a certificate which is required as part of an application for temporary residency which, in turn, is a step that’s required before you are able to apply for permanent residency. In addition to this, an Atestado De Residência is required each time you want to do something that involves paperwork such as opening a bank account.

Expats who recently moved to Portugal report that the need for an Atestado De Residência pops up regularly, and often randomly, so it’s best to have one ready, just in case.

Where Do You Get One?

An Atestado De Residência can be obtained by visiting the local Junta de Freguesia. This is a local parish council or town hall, and often shares a building with the post office. When applying for an Atestado De Residência, you’ll need to ensure that you visit the Junta de Freguesia closest to where you reside.

How Much Does It Cost?

The price can vary depending upon your local parish, so it’s always worth calling to enquire beforehand. However, it typically costs between €5 and €30.

If you require the Atestado De Residência document urgently, the local parish can apply a rush fee, which would see a price increase of up to 50 percent.

What Is Needed To Obtain An Atestado De Residência?

Once you’re at the Junta de Freguesia, you’ll be required to submit certain documents in order to apply for the Atestado De Residência certificate. These vary in different parishes, but usually include:

• Your passport.
• Your fiscal card, otherwise known as your Número de Identificação Fiscal (NIF) number.
• Your house deeds if you own your property, or a signed rental agreement.
• Your identification/citizen card.

If you are not yet registered at your local parish, then you must present two witnesses who are able to contest unequivocally that you live there. The two signatures of these witnesses can come from:

• Two commercial establishments in the local area, OR
• One signature from a voter and one signature from a commercial establishment, OR
• An invoice of any service provided in your name, such as a water or telephone utility bill.

This can be an interesting challenge if you have recently moved to the area and don’t know anybody, but provides you with a good excuse to get to know your neighbours!

How Long Does It Take To Get An Atestado De Residência?

The time it takes again varies per parish, but typically will be between one and three business days. If you require the certificate as a matter of urgency you can sometimes get it done as a rush job, but this depends on the parish, and whether you have the required paperwork.

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