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Tango To The Moon

Canadian Angelina made Argentina her home in 2009; her blog is a series of reminiscences of her life from the day she got off the plane. A love of dance, especially the tango, weaves its way through her blog and adds an entertaining individuality that anyone can enjoy. A really interesting read and glimpse into a life less ordinary than most.


Amelia McGoldrick

Another photography-heavy blog, which is unsurprising considering that Amelia makes her living as a photographer. She also runs a photography tour, which takes visitors to undiscovered parts of the city whilst also learning new photo skills. If you want some wanderlust inducing eye candy, this is the blog for you: you’ll be buying a ticket to Buenos Aires before you know it.


Migrant Photographer

Dario takes pictures - good ones! Whether it be the best places to find meat in Buenos Aires or Holy week in Santa, he allows his readers to feel like they are really there. The passing snapshots are just as beautiful as his professional photographs, but the information he collates in his blog is also a guide to all that is going on in and around the city day to day.


Urban Expats

Vermont born Emily is a researcher specialising in migration; she came to Buenos Aires via Madrid and Prague in 2006. If you haven’t heard the term ‘existential migrant’ before, her blog is the perfect place to look, she investigates the feelings (and reasons behind) the concept of home to an expat. Her ‘expat predicaments’ will likely strike a chord with many current expats and will be an eye opener to anyone considering a life in Argentina.


Pine Tree Paradise

A parenting blog with a difference, this family of five and one four-legged companion divide their time between Buenos Aires and Pinamar, Argentina. The blog is exclusively illustrated by the children, and their drawings adorn every post. Always entertaining and uncompromisingly honest, any expat parent will be giggling and nodding along whilst reading this blog.


The Expat Entrepreneur

Sabine has called many countries home but on arriving in Argentina in 2010 she felt especially at ease and decided to settle in Rosario, at least for a while. She is passionate about helping expats on their individual journeys in their new home country. Within her blog you will also get an insight into entrepreneurial expats from all over the world, which makes for interesting reading.


Global Citizens

Originally called ‘Why on earth did I move to Argentina?’ Flemish Belgian Katti no longer lingers on why she moved to Buenos Aires – she just knows it’s where she wants to be. Being a photographer, her blog is of course filled with stunning snapshots of Argentina and other destinations when she travels. Katti writes about societal issues, personal reflections and interesting/offbeat things to do.


Gay American In Argentina

Jorge and his partner have been living in Cordoba for the past four years, and it’s had its ups and downs. Jorge shares his experiences with the local healthcare, education and employment systems. He also comments on happenings in the political landscape, provides cultural comparisons with the US and offers tips to those looking to make the move themselves.


Notes From A Broad

For close to a decade Candice chronicled life as an expat in Buenos Aires before she and her husband moved back to the United States. Seven months later she found herself suddenly widowed. Living in a Florida condo for now, Candice is plotting to head back to Argentina. Browse her blog archives for beautiful stories of expat living.


Pick Up The Fork

A serious eater’s guide to Buenos Aires and beyond. Allie Lazar’s blog has been praised by the likes of the New York Times, Rolling Stone Magazine and the Guardian among others. She even has her own TV series. With a cup of silliness, Allie covers all the tasty eats so you can just choose and show down; from dirty street food vendors to top chef tasting menus, pop ups and closed door restaurants.

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