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Linguist Lifestyle

Linguist Lifestyle is a blog dedicated to help you make the move over to Latin America, whether you’re an expat looking to retire, or a young man/woman looking for a different lifestyle to back in the West. Primarily focused on expat life in Brazil, Linguist Lifestyle offers extensive advice for anyone planning on moving to the biggest country in South America, and to a lesser extent, to Argentina and Chile.


Footloose Lemon Juice

Travel tips, history and culture about Brazil, as well as expat stories of life abroad in Italy and beyond. Charlotte is a British expat living in Italy with her Brazilian fiancé, who tells stories and gives advice on the expat lifestyle.


What About Sao Paulo?

This blog is an exploration of life living and working in a city that most tourists avoid. Culture shock is still very real for this 30-something Brit, his posts on 'being foreign' will make you snort with laughter, but you may have to ignore the bad language if you are faint of heart. Let him convince you that Sao Paulo is a great expat location and learn from his observations and experiences; he shares his successes and missteps unselfconsciously in every post.


Minhas Crônicas do Brasil

American born Malvina blogs about her transplanted life in rural Brazil. She writes of culture shock and lessons learnt in a country where her in-laws think she is stark raving mad for running for exercise and eating basil. Her entries range from the comedic to the poetic and as a former activist she doesn't hold back from more socio-political entries and laying bare the bureaucracy that an expat may face. Follow her journey to find, make and eat 100 Brazilian dishes, the blender cake in particular sounds like a great idea.


A Never Ending Summer

This expat ployglot (six languages and counting) blogs in English, French and sometimes Portuguese. Her diary like entries are punctuated by photographs of the world outside her window and cover her family daily life in rural Brazil. This music graduate enjoys translating and sharing music from around the world and comparing her former life in the extreme winters of Canada to the seemingly never ending summer of Brazil.


Brynn in Brazil

In her own words 'Author. Expat. Mom. (not necessarily in that order)'. An honest and well written expat perspective on being the foreigner, learning a language and raising a bilingual child. Her life in Brazil is filled with humidity, beaches and random thoughts, all of which she manages to convey with ease to the reader. If you're a budding writer look out for her podcast 'The Slush Pile' for advice and inspiration. To any potential expats currently wrangling toddlers or considering a move to Brazil, Brynn has plenty that you'll want to hear.


Changing Paces

A full time mum to three young children, Ro uses her blog as a creative outlet through which you can catch glimpses of her life in Brazil, and beyond. A foreign service wife who knows that moving every now and then is simply part of her life, she approaches an ever changing expat life with strength and a smile. Her pros and cons of living in Brazil make great reading for any expat thinking of making a move and her photos speak for themselves.


Toby and Sarah On the Move

Follow a newly wedded couple's recent move from the United States to northeast Brazil. Included are stateside tours, plant and sealife posts, cultural oddities and notes about adjusting to life in another country.


Qualidade de Vida

Enjoying the culture, commenting on the differences, celebrating local expressions and inviting others to enjoy all Brazil has to offer.

Read more about this blogger's expat life in Brazil.

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