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My Retirement In Ecuador

This is a story of how my wife and I retired at 55 to Ecuador. It’s been a long, strange trip. I expect it to be longer and stranger still.


Grimm’s Ecuador Travel Tales

Mike and Patty Grimm started their expat journey to Ecuador in 2010. Their blog, written by Patty, was started before they’d even begun packing in the USA and covers the entirety of their six years in the country. Being experienced expats they have been through plenty of bureaucracy during their time abroad, you will easily find information on voting, visas and most recently citizenship, essentials for any expat. This is also a personal blog, you will find yourself joining the extended family on holidays in Ecuador and beyond and sharing celebrations with this intrepid couple.


Romaine Calm And Carrot On

You will find Dorothy, and her loyal dog Tiko, in Vilcabamba, a small village in the Ecuadorian mountains. A clean eating yoga teacher she is always on the lookout for a great recipe, and she has posted many tasty ones on the blog already, usefully for those looking to learn the language each one comes with a word and tip of the day. The latter range from where to get online when you aren’t connected at home to keep on smiling to build trust with your new neighbours. Important titbits for expat life in rural Ecuador can be found on this chilled out blog.


Cuenca Perspectives by Jim

For Jim it was destiny that brought him to a beautiful city in the mountains of Ecuador for his retirement in 2011. His blog acts as a journal and a way to share his expat life with friends and family around the world. He publishes his perspectives so that you, the reader, can compare and contrast his experiences with other expats in Ecuador. Love and appreciation for Cuenca, and Ecuador simply shine from his blog, whether he is adventuring or just enjoying time with friends, he’ll take you along for the ride.


Ahh Cuenca

American Dano writes all about his cultural transition from an American lifestyle to his new South American one. For anyone wanting to take their pets abroad, he has plenty of experience to share as two cats, and Gracie the dog accompanied him abroad, and more followed as he settled. His posts are witty and conversational; some written with his friends and family back home in mind, others for travellers and expats alike. In his sixth year in Cuenca he has not lost his passion for exploring and regularly takes his readers on his afternoon drives, the accompanying photographs are always stunning. Join him for a drive sometime.


Ecuador George

This Californians blog is bursting at the seams with information for any prospective expat or visitor to Ecuador. He speaks honestly about all elements of his expat experience, from the planning stages right through to present day where he has the wonderful benefits of hindsight. George shares everything on his blog and the reader really gets to see real life through his eyes. Bumps and bruises happen, that’s life, what he writes acts as reassurance and education as much as entertainment.


Jim Santos

It didn’t take Jim long to fall in love with Ecuador in 2013 and a few months later he was living with the sea view in the coastal city of Salinas. He covers the good, bad and ugly of everyday expat life with a cutting wit that one can expect from a writer by trade. Being able to see the humour in his new normal makes for an entertaining read, he also sneaks in tips and hints on how to deal with differences, change and endless questions from the folks back in the USA. Straight talking and always adventurous, Jim is always there to help an expat out.


Paul Acee's Ecuador

A blog about life in Ecuador and things to do and places to visit for fellow and future expats, and vacationing visitors.


Latitude Ecuador

Ideas about the places to visit, while also telling you stories about life as an expat in Ecuador. My husband helps me a lot with the blog. He is Ecuadorian, and knows his country well, so he has some good tips about travelling in Ecuador!


Retiring in Ecuador

We are Canadians now living south of Manta, Ecuador. Come and join us to learn about living and working in Ecuador.

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