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The Wadas On Duty

We are a Japanese and a Filipino couple living in Japan. We love to sharing our experiences in Japan (weekend adventures to daily life). We would like to connect to people with similar interest. Please visit our blog and tell us your thoughts as well.


Little Island Takara

American military wife Laura and her husband Gustavo moved to Okinawa in 2011 and share a peek at their life through her blog. If you happen to be a fan of the pro con list, you’ll find a very useful series right here. Beautiful shots fill her posts as she explores Japan’s most and least well-known spots and indulges in the local food. Committed to expat life, this couple is looking forward to more time exploring Japan before they inevitably move on, as is the story of military life.


Setouchi Explorer

Frenchman David moved to Takamatsu in 2011 with his Japanese wife. A teacher by profession, he blogs to share the beauty of the area in the hopes that you will love it as much as he does. There are many detailed posts covering everything from everyday expat life to raising a bilingual child, food, festivals and his personal view of the culture that surrounds him. Preferring to avoid clichés and focus on the here and now makes his blog an interesting and honest source of information about the realities of expat life.


Sea Change Okinawa

This family of three (plus two furry friends) relocated from Australia with a job offer in 2015 and haven’t looked back since. Lucky enough to live near the coast, you can enjoy the plentiful snorkelling and beach shots as well stories from a small town. Really useful guides for travelling with kids, free things to do and a very in depth look at the vegan food scene, as well as excerpts from expat life make this a well rounded blog. For anyone thinking of a move to Japan for a life with less bustle and high-speed trains, this Okinawa blog is valuable reading.


Celia in Tokyo

An English conversation teacher at a private school in Tokyo, Celia has come a long way from her hometown in Queensland, Australia. Taking you through the seasons of the year at work, at home, when travelling and eating she offers glimpses of her life in Tokyo and beyond, in words and in photographs. On her blog she shares the Japan that she loves and aims to inspire you to see Japan for yourself, a perfect starting point for a future expat.


The Travelin’ Boots

Ada and Eric, a Filipino American military couple, blog here about their Japanese life and travels. Written mostly by Ada, each post is accompanied by beautiful pictures which really give you a feeling of being right there with her. She doesn’t hold back either, and doles out straightforward advice based on her first hand experiences. For anyone hoping to follow in their footsteps to Japan, this blog is a great place to start.


Japan Australia

This Aussie has been living, working and blogging in Japan since 2009. Having travelled widely around the country you will find detailed posts about the well known and less well knows sights to look out for, complete with useful how to get there information and stunning photography. Learn about Japanese work culture and pay attention to posts like ’10 things you need to know before moving to japan’ you can learn a lot from his experience. It’s also not a blog to visit on an empty stomach, this guy loves to taste test all the newest and sometimes weirdest foods out there.


American Gaijin

Feeling like gaijin in both countries and not fully immersed in either culture this blog is about life between the countries, mainly from an American standpoint.


Origami Kiwi

I've been a high school English language teacher on the JET Programme since August 2013. Read about my experiences, advice on being accepted into the JET Programme, and travel tips around Japan on my blog, Origami Kiwi.

Read more about Annabelle's life in Japan here.



It has been the experience of my life, so I want to share it with the world! I’m writing in my blog about my adventures around here, and about a little from everything in Japan, from music, food, anime, celebrities, Japanese lessons, tourism, and much more!

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