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I Dreamed of This

Nathan’s claim to blogger fame is the lengthy post ‘Philippine Culture, From a Confused American's Perspective’ which went viral a few years ago. He’s location independent and tours all over the world, but he spent three years traveling in, and documenting, the Philippines. Nathan has comprehensive write-ups (and stunning photos) of loads of Philippine destinations. He goes deep with some lessons learned from his time there, and describes ways in which he is treated like a king as a ‘white guy’ in the country. But keep reading and Nathan will explain why it’s so important not to start acting like one.


Texan in the Philippines

A Texan and his Filipina wife move to the Philippines and plan to stay forever, with frequent trips back to the US. Along with personal, everyday life stories and videos, his site has sections dedicated to places to visit, stay and dine at in Calbayog and Samar. Guest writers provide articles on topics of interest to expats; from local supermarket products and prices to typhoon updates, warnings about dodgy operators and their personal journeys that brought them to the Philippines.


Journey Into Paradise

Henry took a leap of faith in moving to the Philippines from Southern California for love at age 49, despite having never been there before. He runs a very informative site providing an honest look at all the islands have to offer, for new arrivals and seasoned expats alike. Henry’s articles, vlogs and podcast episodes are particularly of interest to those dating or in relationships with locals - and cover everything from romances, scams, expat resources, the ins and outs of running a business in the Philippines and legal need-to-knows.


Formerly in the Philippines

Matt, his Filipina wife and their kids no longer call the Philippines home - but they did for nearly seven years - and the British expat still regularly posts simple, informative vlogs offering his opinions on everything from having children in the country to retiring, renewing visas and online dating. Matt’s is a ‘mixed bag’ site containing advice for expats, personal diary entries, motivational and self development content. You’re sure to find sections that are relevant to you.


An Outsider’s Perspective

This Australian has lived in worked in Makati for about five years, managing a call centre operation. He makes some frank observations about the quirks of Filipino culture as he shares his experiences working and travelling in the country - this is expat insight with no sugarcoating! Check out ‘cost of living in the Philippines for professionals’, ‘an expat's love / hate relationship’ , tips for finding a condo and, in the absence of the classic McDonalds thickshake, he reveals his favourite local hangover cures.


She Gathers No Moss

Aussie Alexandra, her husband and their children are long-term expats, having lived and worked in Thailand, Malaysia, the Czech Republic, England, Ireland, Australia and now the Philippines. Alexandra’s career mirrors her eclectic life, and in Manila she is a freelance writer for both food and expat magazines. Her blog records the ups and downs of being a nomad, her family's travels and recollections of people and places. Alexandra also shares her local dining experiences and republishes her professional articles on her blog.


Retired In Samar

As the name suggests, this blog is particularly relevant for retirees moving to the Philippines, however much of the advice would be useful to expats of any age. The blog of an American expat couple who now live in Samar, it contains tips on staying fit in the Philippines, reflections on expat life, and the obligatory beautiful beach pictures. There are also updates on governmental initiatives that make the process of retiring to the Philippines easier, and thoughts on the differences between life in the Philippines and America. If you’re thinking about retiring there but aren’t sure whether Philippine life would be for you, this is a good place to start your research.


Texan In The Philippines

Originally started by an American expat but now with a range of different contributors, TITP has a strong focus on the province of Samar and includes recommended restaurants, things to do and places to stay if you’re visiting. The ‘Videos’ section gives a real glimpse into what life is like there, and the ‘Zine’ category provides updates on TITP’s personal life.


Salty Bug

An Australian expat who now lives in Manila with her husband and two children, the blog reads like a diary and will encourage parents that they can make the move to expat life. Salty Bug doesn’t shy away from telling it like it is, from the fear of driving in Manila to dealing with illness in a foreign country. If you like straight-talking advice that doesn’t hold back, this is the site for you.


My Philippine Dreams

If you prefer to get your news and updates in video format, you’ll love My Philippine Dreams.

The blog features frequent updates for expats and travellers alike, including videos relating to all aspects of expat life. If you’re worried about budgeting for your expat life, the ‘Monthly Budgeting Reports’ videos will be of particular interest. And take a look at the ‘Very Cool Stuff’ section to inspire you and make you slightly envious.

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